Friday’s Letters

And my recap continues…
Dear Friday, it is great to see you! For once I am not trapsing through the halls of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in my “Team 13” District Polo shirt, directing stage logistics and what not… instead I welcome you with open arms while I sit at my desk at work having to write violation reports for my offenders that wanted to act a fool while I was out of town! Thanks Friday for such a wonderful gift! Wish you would’ve attached a gift receipt so that I could return it!.
Dear Random Woman in the Nashville Beauty Supply Store, you really made my day.. I entered looking for some hair pieces of my own and you stood there being asked to remove the wig you tried on because they do not take checks.. I felt really bad about the situation because you looked like they were really giving you a hard way to go. I simply said to you that I would pay for your hair to cut the embarassment factor. I wear weaves for fun but you later told me that you were a Kidney Cancer Survivor and this was your first time needing wigs thanks to Chemo. It was a blessing to be a blessing that day.
Dear Sheryl Rae, Girl you are too much! I love ya! Thanks for the awesome snack basket of random goodies that you brought to the hotel. Those Martinelli flavored juices were great!
Dear Gaylord Opryland Hotel, simply the best! that is all…

Dear new shoes, I will be able to wear you once again once the swelling in my feet from all the walking we did in Nashville go down!

 Shoes: BCBG
Dear Blog readers, to give you a sense of the size of our Church Conference where I was… here is pics of the stage. The AME Church has a General Conference every four years and it is truly something that we always look forward to.

Here is a shot of the middle section of the delegation.. this is not even the half of the seats that were in this space…

Pictures from the Opening Worship Service and the Banquet with Sam and Stephen
To my little brothers aka fellow Bishops Kids.. Sam and Stephen, thanks for rolling with me. Sam during the conference you were my ace in the hole. Best assistant ever when it comes to keeping me on task and getting things done! We are going to do big things for the connection one day for sure!
First Lady Michelle Obama hugging my Mom
Dear First Lady Michelle Obama, It was an exhausting adventure to work with your Lead Advance Team to prepare for your arrival. But, all the late nights of preparation and constant meetings and making sure that everything was just right was so worth it! Thanks for coming to our conference. Your presence was greatly appreciated by all. The magnitude of a seated First Lady coming didn’t even hit me until days later..
Dear Blog Readers, you get two… I so missed you guys while I was away. And of course as you know I am playing catch up. I have so much that I want to write about. So many thoughts and feelings that I want to unpack for your opinion.. but I guess in due time..
Dear Job, Boo-Hiss to you for taking my working from home this monday away from me. I understand there is no office coverage but dag! oh well can’t complain too long since its only one week but geez!
Dear Hubby, I didnt forget about you.. you will always get a letter. Welp, Cirque du Soleil is out tonight. So lets figure out where will go see this new Spiderman Movie and call it a day!

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. Christine Bryant says:

    Hey Jasmine!!…Happy Friday, Girlie…

    The shoes = BANGING!
    The hair at conference = HOT!!
    Clap Clap! for being “other's focused” for buying the hair for Ms. Random Lady.
    Sooooo glad I found you through Friday's Letters…#NewFollower

    Be Blessed ❤


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