Friday’s Letters

Dear God, Bless those families of loved ones who lost their lives in Colorado going to see The Dark Knight Rises. Be with them as they try to cope with this tragic situation that we do not understand.
Dear Hubby, you know what day it is.. I STILL can’t wait to see Dark Knight tonight. I wish we could’ve gone to Richmond to try out CineBistro but SOON. Hmmm… perhaps that will be our “getaway” for our anniversary?
Dear Target, why must you be a tempting warehouse of goodies we don’t always need. I stumbled across the baby clearance trying to pick up a few items for a baby shower and saw girls leggings for $1.50 and 70% off. I called every homegirl I know with a baby girl and spread the word and then cleared the rack for one of my church babies! Major score in every size for cheap!
Dear JOB, WHY must you continue to do these computer updates at the most inconvenient time? And I have no idea why you people act like there aren’t other things downloaded on it once you wipe it clean! Yes, I NEED my Adobe back.. don’t be slick thinking you are cracking down on our YouTube watching! I have PDFs and what not that is crucial to my job being downloaded from other justice sites! Y’all are killing me!
This was my computer after one hour! Needless to say.. I did NOTHING the rest of the day.

Dear Octomom, Just stop! That is all.

Dear Field Days, I love thee.. just a day to get out of the office from time to time. Plus, the hilarious things that we see while we are out making our rounds.. it was way too funny when we hopped out the car at the Sheltar and they said “The Marshals, The Marshals!” .. LOL oh how I WISH!
Dear Washington, D.C., not sure how certain places became the way they did, but there are some beautiful places in the “hood” that overlook the entire city.

Dear Mom and Dad, I hope you are loving your new city and we can’t wait to visit.

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. Kimberly says:

    They way you feel about Target, I feel about New York & Company. I ALWAYS end up overspending in that store. I swear they make sure that I don't get enough items for whatever the sale is so I end up buying more than expected just to “get the full deal”.


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