Monday’s Musings

Well, we went to go see Dark Knight… twice actually this weekend. Yes we sat through 2 hours and 45 mins of movie twice! I can not lie, sitting in the movie theater you couldn’t help but have some sort of post traumatic stress disorder symptoms after hearing about what happened in Aurora. At our theater there were uniformed police officers on each side patrolling the emergency exits and walking across the front as a visible sign of some sort of protection so that made me feel some what safe. 
Either way, it was a great movie and I think a great ending to the trilogy. Can’t wait to see what is next. 
This weekend was also wedding weekend for my linesister Sherri… So hubby and I travelled to Delaware for the nuptials. 

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Costango!
My beautiful linesister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 24 years old and is a SURVIVOR! I thank God that she survived so that we could meet in 2010 and be sisters for life! I am so happy for her!

THEN Sunday, I went to my husbands church for his Bishop’s Birthday. I LOVE going to special events there. First of all… can I just be a fan of the china! The one time in my life that I get to eat on Versace China until I become rich and can get some of my own… LOL. 
As you see my brunch started off on a good start! Had my mixed green salad with Vidalia Onion dressing, a Grapefruit Izze and I was good to go!

THEN, it went down hill from there. I know… I should just learn how to say no, but I promise it was all so tempting. I think instead of saying no to food, I have to start saying yes to exercise more so that I can whatever I want. I don’t think I am going to kick the food demon! LOL. 

How was your weekend?!

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