Oh No! I am one of THOSE people

Dag! I realized it today as IT was back at my work computer once again fixing the holes that were created when they updated us to Windows 7, that I am one of THOSE people…
What type of people you may ask?!
I am a Microwave Society member… may as well admit it.
I am a card carrying member of 80’s babies who were on the cusp of the information boom and now feel like I am catching up and staying with it all in the same token.
It’s not all I have known.
I have remember when stories like a life without a cell phone, CD’s and everything else they tried after that…life without Apple stores and the products they make to cripple help us.
I figured this out when I stood over the IT guy telling him over and over that the downloading bar was STUCK at 99% for the longest.
He walked away and helped someone else and I yelled at him that it still was NOT MOVING!
They laughed as I pressed buttons and the computer would ding back at me…taunting me.
I realized then.. I needed to take a chill pill.
Clearly I am a want it now person.
I constantly would have to pray to God for patience.
But, I think I have truly learned somewhat of a lesson on being careful for what you pray for.
God won’t just answer your prayers sometimes, he will put you in situations to find your answer.
For example,
God doesn’t just gift us patience. He puts in situations where we can’t help but BE patient.
I guess I prayed for patience so much when it was wearing thin and I would be on the verge of explosion that God truly slowed me down and made me become patient through so many areas in my life.
I didn’t get the career job started immediately. I had to apply 3 times for the same position just to be hired in a different one that was much better for me.
My husband and I didn’t get married immediately or have that fairy tale story. I had to be patient and wait.
But in learning to wait in some areas, I can’t help but to realize that I am work in progress.
And yes, although I can admit it’s ok to rush technology…
I am still waiting on some things that just can’t be microwaved.

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