Monday’s Musings

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.. 
This weekend was all about family for me. 
My little sister came down from New York so that we could go to our cousin Qiana’s Bridal Shower.

The theme was Garden Party and hats were preferred… we all went with the Fascinator look for the party. Thats my little sister on the left and my little cousin, the Bride to be on the right.. 
These amazon height (5’11 and 6’0) young ladies had to stoop down to my height 5’7, which is short in my family. 

Here is my little cousin with her mom who was so happy and emotional. I know for sure that she may be wailing at the wedding. My cousin did look beautiful that day. I don’t know how any of us are going to have a dry eye.

My sister and I got the party started… it was so hot this weekend but we were determined to look like ladies and not take off these hot blazers and sweaters.. but it did protect our arms from the mosquitos.

I also tried a new lipstick that my sister brought home. It was a promo for an indie make up line. What do you think?

Last Night, I went to celebrate my best friends Birthday. We had a great time at Fogo de Chao, which apparently the food must’ve been so good because THIS is the only picture that I have from last night. These awesome candles when lit, the flame color was the color of the wick. I couldn’t capture it so great in this picture but it was so cool in person. 
Happy Birthday Jourdan!

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6 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings

  1. Summer says:

    fam time is the best! how awesome a garden tea party bridal shower. love the hats you all chose they are awesome and you guys are rockin' them! You look great in your hat and I love that lipstick color! New follower here


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