Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I let my work pile up until the end of the month. Something about filing just does not excite me.
Always: I get started with so much vigor and get a lot of it done and then stop short of completing it and save the rest until next month(s).
Sometimes: Especially this week, I use the olympic coverage as good nap television.
Always: some events put me right to sleep! so I get the best nap that I have had in a long time.
Sometimes: I feel bad for Robin Roberts. This morning her jaw literally locked up on her in the middle of her report and she had to leave off the air in the middle of broadcast.
Always: I pray for her healing as if I know her.
Sometimes: I expect the worst or the same outcome as others because that’s all I hear instead of expecting what is for me.
Always: When the worst doesn’t happen then I am all the more thankful to God and continue to have my faith stretched for the best!
Sometimes: I am quoted a prescription price over the phone because my great horrible ok insurance decided to cover the procedure but not the medication.
Always: When it gets delivered, its a different price. Best believe I called and fussed galore about that. My file has been notated. LOL
Sometimes: I realize I write more here then I would probably have in a conversation with close friends.
Always: I find that its ok… afterall, I blog about my life and this what its all about.
Sometimes: When I can’t make time for a vacation, I line up a day of on demand funny movies.
Always: Laughter is a great remedy for a stress free day!
Sometimes: My husband won’t share with the world his accomplishments. I believe it was just how he was raised.
Always: I am wifely proud of his accomplishments so I tell the world for him!
So… my Husband the musician, is a songwriter and has gotten even more placements.. Not only will he have a song on Jonathan Nelson’s latest record “Finish Strong” to be released later, he will have songs on Shekinah Glory Ministries upcoming album, a song entitled “Without You” and possible placement on Tye Tribbett’s upcoming CD! GO HUBBY! Your wife is indeed PROUD OF YOU! and this is all within one year!

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes and Always

  1. Danielle says:

    I can relate to letting files pile up; they're just so boring!

    Congratulations to your husband for all of his accomplishments! Shout it from the rooftop, you have a great husband and the fact that you're bragging on him makes you a great wife!


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