I was supposed to be Gabby!

Ok. So I remember when the Magnificent 7 went to the Atlanta Olympics and won the Gold!
I mean it seemed like just yesterday..
That was one Olympics that my family was not going to let me forget because we had family who were influential in certain corporate companies that helped Atlanta win that bid…
AND it was the first Olympics where I fell in love with Gymnastics!
USA won the GOLD!
You could not tell me that I was NOT going to be the next Dominque Dawes!
So what?! I could not do a split to save my life and have about as much flexibility as an Iron Rod but… I just KNEW that I was going to be an Olympic gymnast.
What made it worse was that when it was all said and done – that next year Dominique Dawes came to my middle school, St. Pauls School for Girls to encourage all of us to follow our dreams.
It was 6th grade gym class … and I swore that this was my chance to make it to the top!
I did ONE cartwheel and thought I was going places
I tried to repeat said cartwheel and umm needless to say I left the gym in crutches…
I was on crutches for two weeks…
and to this day I am on crutches every so often for knee pain. SMH
Yesterday, I watched as the Russian’s WEEPED over losing to the USA Fab 5!
Hate to say that I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
I snatched the remote from hubby who was already over it and said “they won!” since he was reading the results online and had no desire to watch the entire floor excercise on NBC.
The Girls Gymnastic Team did their thing!
and Gabby… girl you stole my medal heart!
UPDATE: Gabby won a Gold Medal also in the all-around gymnastic category and is the first African American female to do so AND the first to win a Gold in both team and individual Gold medals in Gymnastics!!! GO GABBY! – she has two more events next week. 

And NOW… for some hometown shout outs..
Carmelo Anthony who is from my hometown.. went to Middle School with my BFF…
We are rooting for you!
Michael Phelps is also from my home town!
Kudos to him for being the most decorated Olympian EVER!
It looks like he is catching slack for being more laid back then ever, but when you can retire and break records, don’t be upset when it looks too easy
We all have something that we strive for..

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