Monday’s Musings: Beach Edition

Well.. Saturday we had a plan to head to the beach to accomplish the goal of getting away for relaxation. It’s something that we rarely get to do because of our work schedules. At best between all of our responsibilities we may have half a day off to run errands. We needed a break… 
But, Saturday we decided that we were going to go to the Beach.
Thankfully, we live not too far from one. 
That’s the best part of living on the East Coast!

After about a few hours … very few because I can’t sit in my little car but so long… we made it to Ocean City, MD!!!!

We got a great parking space and walked over to the Boardwalk! I was SO excited because I had not been to Ocean City since I was a kid. 

We got our beach umbrella and some beach chairs and parked it for the best view for the day… 

I LOVED IT! We got in the Ocean a few times. The tide was definitely choppy but that’s what made it fun. I definitely had a few waves crash right on my head though.
When it was all said and done, we had a great Early Anniversary vacation at the Beach…

and I was definitely sad to say goodbye… so we may just be back next month.

It was JUST what the doctor ordered… literally.

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5 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings: Beach Edition

  1. Ash Louise says:

    I think this seriously sounds like the perfect day of relaxation. I would loveeee just to go to the beach and relax. Unfortunately, I live in a landlocked country right now. Gahhhh. Well not totallly, we have the baltic sea, but can you please say COLD!!!
    So my beach experiences are limited to when I go on vacation or visit home again (California) then I get my beach bum on!


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