Updated: Best 2 Years of my Life

Two years ago, I married my best friend.
We pushed each other to our respective goals until we realized we would love to live this life together.
The Word says in Proverbs 18:22
“He who finds a wife finds what is good <sup class="crossreference" value="(W)”>
    and receives favor from the Lord.”
We have been living in that favor for two years. God truly has blessed us beyond measure and each year when he does for one of us, he certainly does for the other.
When I got a new job, my husband got a new job.
When I got a new car, my husband got a new car.
When we decided to buy a house, we were able to buy a house together..
This man is the love of my life and each day I continue to love living this life out with him.
Happy Anniversary Babe.. Love you LOTS!
And being the man of few words…
This was his response to me saying it yet again on his way to work this morning.
He’s so funny..
Sometimes: I tell the receptionist to tell unscheduled people that I am not here.
Always: There may be a few that are exceptions due to emergencies, but everyone has a scheduled time to see me.
Sometimes: the job has few perks..
Always: I enjoy them when they are in my favor! Like me finally getting my own office on Friday!
Sometimes: So much drama happens in my world of law enforcement.
Always: I listen to Gospel Music on the way home from work to clear my head.
Sometimes: My BFF goes through some tough times that are unexpected.
Always: I am up to putting a smile on her face!

And now, Welcome all of the followers from the “Blog Star” Link Up… if this is your first time here, press the Home button and get familiar! Post a comment, follow and stay awhile.. a little about me…
1. I love blogging and sharing random thoughts that I may have throughout the day.
2. I will probably have a different look in each of my self-photos because I change my hair and make up on the regular. LOL I call it my creative outlet.
3. I am married to a sexy professional Musician!
4. We go to the movies weekly!
5. I love posting random funnies as I see them, as well as other bits and pieces.

Mrs. Monologues
Updated: Recap of our Anniversary Night
Sometimes, I wish I could take those “What I Wore” Photos and other times I don’t think What I wore was all that great.. I mean in the sense of keeping it real – today I wore a tee shirt, cardigan, too big khaki pants and my Nike Running shoes to work… who wants to see that?! and other times I am ALL into what I wore and make sure that I am fly for my own good.
Honestly, I would love to but that whole iphone in the photo thing is not hot! But this is all I have from yesterday : Sweater/ NY&Co Jeans/ Target Tee/ Target Shoes/ Steve Madden Necklace/ Boutique.
I guess… in the future because a new camera with tripod is on my wish list, perhaps I can show you how we step out from time to time.. I don’t know. You would think as a Fashion Merchandising Minor in college, I would be all over this topic.
I guess I lack that early 20’s confidence where I would walk into Bebe in my size 8 days and buy whatever I wanted because I could fit it all. I swear I have the most Bebe points to this day that when the rude sales people don’t help me because they think I am “just looking” because I am too big… when I ring up my accessories and they see those points they drop their jaw and try to sell me more stuff. But I digress.. because I definitely just went on a tangent… LOL.
Ok, so Hubby took me to Ruth Chris Steak House in Crystal City, VA for our Anniversary and it was AMAZING!

This was the Porterhouse Steak for Two.



5 thoughts on “Updated: Best 2 Years of my Life

  1. Sar says:

    You and your husband are so darn cute! Congratulations on 2 years of being married to your best friend! What a blessed few years you've had; here's to many more!

    Stopping by from Blog Star!


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