Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, It is so nice to see you!
Dear Readers, from time to time we do things to impact the community to get people to register to vote. Last night, we had a rally to encourage people to get their ID so that they will be able to vote in the next election. It afforded me the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. (Jeff Johnson, Roland Martin, Stephen Green and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. pictured with me).

Dear Stephen, Thanks for the pics from the event. Love the pictures with my mommy!
(pictured also is Past National President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Rev. Gwen Boyd)
Dear 80’s, come back to me! This was one of my favorite promos from McDonald’s!

Dear Randomness of Life, there are certain things that make me giggle. Like Traffic Cops training for duty… something about newbies out there running from the cars that they are telling to “go” and “stop”.

Dear Hubby, It’s the weekend to go see Sparkle! YAY!
Dear Mommy, I am so happy you are home. Let’s go to the movies together.

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