Friday’s Letters: Fab Recap

Dear Friday, Thursday Night was great… can you do better?!
Dear Readers, first let me say that you are great! I said in this week’s  Sometimes and Always that I would ONLY read 50 Shades of Grey if someone else got it for me because I could not bring myself to be interested enough to go out and be a consumer of the book… and in my inbox pops the digital copies of the trilogy! YOU ROCK! I guess it is an ask and you shall receive type of blogosphere. I love it.
Dear Tonia, Praying for you and your family and don’t you forget it! Praying especially for Peace that surpasses all understanding.
Dear Readers again, yup you’re getting two.. and that’s because I want to recap you on what I did last night. The Fab Empire, was a blog that was created by my sister aka “DC Fab” … well last night we celebrated in grand style as usual, the Anniversary of the Blog and celebrated how its readership and influence has grown.
The Fab Staff, minus Ashlee… I am a former Fab Bureau Chief
Dear Little Sister, Big Sis is proud of you! You got MAJOR sponsors to support your vision and that alone is tough. But they are so ride or die and every year you seem to impress me. Keep the nightlife in DC up to par. Someone has to do it, might as well be you. Plus, I think we had another Venus and Sarena looking moment last night. LOL.
Dear Lily, aka Miss Heiress,  thanks for hanging out with the Fab! Had a great time just sitting back and laughing all night long.
Lily and I, pictured here
Me, Lily, Josh and Deneia pictured here
Dear Josh, you are HILARIOUS! Glad to be able to call you friend. You are so dramatic. I know you only came for the gift bags, so you say.. but we left out of there so late that there were no more gift bags… not to mention we left so late that your car was locked in the Parking Garage… oops. LOL. Never a dull moment with you around.
This was Josh’s reaction when they told us there were no more gift bags
…and Josh, I see why you were so upset… luckily my sister had this Gift bag set aside for me.. WOOHOO.
Dear Sponsors of the Fab Empire, You are the BEST!
Dear Hubby, Thanks for hanging out last night.. I got you for life.. and what more can a girl ask for. I know after your Birthday, the rest of the year is going to be hectic so its nights like this that I cherish.
Dear Recent Setback, I won’t let you get me down. Things will work out in our favor and soon.
Dear 30, you are 3 weeks away. Not yet sure if I have accomplished all that I said I would by 30, but I am ready to see what is in store- with no regrets.
Have a FAB-u-lous Friday!
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