Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I skip Monday Musings because I really don’t have many pictures to recap the weekend or did anything special outside of lay in bed and read.
Always: I still thoroughly enjoy my weekend, even if I can’t share with you what happened.
Sometimes: I don’t feel very well on a Sunday and at times have to “call in sick”.
Always: I attend virtually.. its almost like I am there.
Sometimes: I will place my iPad in the nearest bowl for surround sound effect. Who needs to spend money for a holder from the electronic store.
Always: When my husband sees this he shakes his head in disapproval. Its the world’s cheapest hands free device.
Sometimes: Even if I bring my lunch to work, I still get caught up in my work that I don’t take a break until 2pm.
Always: Regret the fact that I wait until I have a hunger headache before I eat.
Sometimes: I hated that I waited so long to read 50 shades of Grey.
Always: When I think about it, all the obvious overly sexual content aside, it is a page turner of a story. Just like Twilight and my random desire to read them all AFTER all the movies except Breaking Dawn had already been released.
Sometimes: I love going to Potbelly Sandwiches for Lunch
Always: Its never because I think their sandwiches are the best. Its because I love their hot pepper relish. Is it just me?
Sometimes: I get afraid that my 20’s are fleeting and will be gone in a few weeks.
Always: I get anxious not knowing what my 30’s really will entail.
Sometimes: I love being a Virgo.
Always: I LOVE being a VIRGO!

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