Friday’s Letters

OK OK, so many things that I want to say today… so lets get started.
Dear Job, I LOVE YOU! Early Dismissal for a holiday that is on Monday?! I LOVE IT! Can’t wait.
Dear Virgos, We RULE! I have a lot of friends and family that are Virgos… so Happy Birthday to Greg, Jarmone, Chris, Jamal, Antoine, Beyonce – LOL, Chris T., Fawn, Chris L. and I hope I didn’t forget anyone.. oh that’s right MY HUSBAND (Sept. 4th) and MEEEEEEEEEE (Sept. 14th)
Dear Hubby, I have a few things planned out for your Birthday. I can not wait to celebrate yet another year of life with you..

Dear Mom and Dad, Hope you had a Wonderful 44th Wedding Anniversary Dinner.
Dear Morehouse College, YOU WILL LOSE to the Howard University Bison just as you did last time. Don’t know why you drive all the way up here from Atlanta just to lose, but so be it… GO BISON!
Dear Readers, so as you know I really didn’t want to hop on the bandwagon to read 50 Shades of Anything.. but after two close girl friends of mines said that they were going to start reading, I decided that if I didn’t have to pay for the books, I will read so we could discuss it together. Well… see picture above. I went from not caring to completely finishing the Trilogy in less then a week and then drove to Barnes and Noble after work so that I could sit there and finish reading the Epilogue along with the 50 Shades of Christian, which wasn’t in my version of the book… Now redundancy and poor writing aside and words that were thrown in there for no reason to make them sound intelligent- it was a good plot. At least it was something to occupy a few evenings while my husband was working.

Is it me or does every man have about 50 shades of their own going on? Oh I am the only one that lives with a man who changes moods like the wind? and a face that you can’t guess what it is that they are thinking? Ok, guess that will be a post for later. LOL

Now what to read? Any suggestions?
Dear random driver of this Mercedes Benz, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me this funny of the day! I mean really. THANK YOU!

Dear Mom, yeah you get two… why? because you are such a boss. You are completely hilarious and I am so proud of your accomplishments. Can’t wait to see you on the DNC stage. I will be DVRing that for all to see.
Dear Giuliana and Bill, Congratulations on Edward Duke!
Dear Robin Roberts, I am still praying for your healing. Praying for your family with the loss of your mother last night. Talk about a strong woman. We hope to see you on GMA as soon as you can get back.
Dear 30 years, see you in two weeks. YIKES!

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