Friday’s Letters

It is Friday, thus here are just a few of my letters this week….
First.. Dear Scandal, oh my sweet baby Jesus. You are a GREAT SHOW! when Mr. President said “You are Ornamental – Not Functional!” I think a collective hush came over my Twitter timeline. That was better then finding out who Quinn really was to me. Heck, besides her name I still don’t really know WHO she is- just what she was acused of doing. I guess that’s where they were going with that one. 
Dear Greys Anatomy, talk about backwards. I guess Eric really wanted out of his contract because y’all are going to show the whole story next week. BACKWARDS! we already clearly saw how it ended.
Dear Glee, I tried to record you and Greys and at the same time watch the Ravens Game (since our REFs are back) and umm you lost out on the DVR battle so I will have to watch you online or on demand over the weekend.
Dear Edible Arrangements Truck, I was really hoping that you were stopping by my house. I really did almost get excited and then you stopped just short 😦
Dear Readers, I don’t know if you have seen the show Parole Diaries on TV One, but if you ever want a glimpse of what I do there you go. I swear if they followed me and my partner around you would be entertained for days! The things that we see.. like Baby Aligators in fish tanks in hood homes in D.C. – I’m just saying. There is never a dull moment!
Dear MPD Cadets, I get so tickled when they make yall go out there and do traffic training. It’s just so intense- for no reason. Yet, so entertaining for me. We kept passing you guys and I just kept laughing so hard at your Sgt. teaching you how to flex your hand just so.

Dear Man in the cropped T-shirt, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me the laugh of my life! I will never be able to thank you enough for choosing this as your outfit.

Dear Hubby, hmmm we haven’t been to the movies lately… we must remedy that, but in the meantime.. this weekend is all about house work and finally finishing our laundry room and I am so excited.
Dear Body, THANK YOU! Amen.

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Sometimes and Always: Fall TV Premiere Edition

Ok so,
Sometimes:  I may schedule on my iphone calendar when a TV movie is coming on so that I don’t miss it. (ie. Steel Magnolias remake coming on in October on Lifetime)
Always: The DVR has BEEN set in advance.
Sometimes: I try to watch things like Dancing with the Stars, especially after the host won an Emmy.
Always: I only end up watching it if nothing better comes on. Last night will probably be my only night watching this season.
Speaking of which, Sometimes: Pamela Anderson plays a little too hard on that dumb, sexy blonde character she is playing in real life.
Always: She looks a hot mess.
Sometimes: I get a little too excited for my shows to come back on.
Always: I start screaming “WOO HOO” when their commercials come on television.
Sometimes: My husband hates when I have the remote.
Always: I get him hooked on my favorite shows and not the other way around. (There has been one exception and that was Entourage).
THE VOICE, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Carson Daly
Sometimes: I wonder if the judges on The Voice can hear what we hear through the television. Cause sometimes.. its a ratchet mess!
Always: I wonder if they get super picky about their choices, will they have to go out and invite even more people to audition within that season.
Sometimes: I get intrigued to watch new shows: Guys with Kids, and forget the date they are coming on and miss it completely.
Always: I get excited for the return of Glee and wonder how and who post high school will be making appearances, and still miss the night it airs. I had to catch up via Hulu.
Sometimes: My husband will be more excited for a comeback of a show that I got him hooked on then I am.. (case in point: Castle last night).
Always: He’ll run upstairs with snacks and get in a prime position to watch the episode before I do.
Vivian Zink/ABC
Sometimes: We talk back to the TV.
Always: We yell stuff like last night watching Castle: “What was in the File that blew up?!” as if they can hear us.
Danny Feld/ABC
Sometimes: I want I get into shows like Up all Night, and the Office– the last season and Elementary
Always: I know that once Modern Family, Greys Anatomy and Scandal come back they dont have a chance in my live schedule and I hope they fit on my DVR with everything that I have on there taping on thursday nights from WeTV!
Grey's Anatomy
Sometimes: I REALLY want to watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
Always: My husband says “Absolutely NOT!” 😦
Who couldn’t laugh at this all day!?

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Monday’s Musings: Wedded Bliss Edition

So, Yesterday my cousin got married… 
 I had strange fears of being the plump bridesmaid busting loose…
Especially since I am a last minute person and knew that after getting measured for the dress – I KNEW I would have to get it altered. 
All in all, it all worked out – thanks to some handy dandy well placed safety pins. 
And now… photos from the days festivities.
Cuzzo gifted me with an awesome bridesmaid present. I WISH all my hangers had my name on it. It would prevent my husband from trying to steal my good hangers or migrate to my side of the closet!
Anywho, my cousin on her mother’s side is of Dominican and Panamanian descent. There was a lot of culture on display at the wedding including her headpiece versus the traditional tiara and veil. These are her Polleras. 
Once placed in the hair, they look like her pics below… 
Here we got up early to meet at her sisters house to get dolled up for the day.  Definitely snapped a quick pic just after our make up done and we were headed to the mansion where the wedding was to take place. 

The future Mrs. Gabriel also had a cute hanger for her wedding gown – a gorgeous Vera Wang dress. 

Every daughter waits for the moment where their mother will help them get dressed in their last outfit as a Miss. 
Once dressed we had just a few minutes to lay around before the ceremony begins

It was time to go. I left last with Miss Smith and shut the door behind me to let her reflect on what was about to happen.. the next time I see my little cousin will be when she is walking towards her future husband. 

After the wedding ceremony.. it was time to TURN UP for the reception! And boy were we a LOUD and rowdy bunch, or should I say the groomsmen were because they most certainly were!
“The moment when you are walking on another man’s arm in a wedding and you search the audience for your husband and give him that hey boo look to let him know he has no worries.”
Later in the reception, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel let culture loose and did the Pollera Dance – a homage to the Panamanian culture

and Second Line Dance – a tribute to New Orleans… If you have never done a Second Line dance, I have to say that it is great fun! Grab your dinner napkin and straight rock your hips to the beat of the “second line” band. 
Umbrellas in the air! LEGGO!
And you can’t have the most wedding fun until you try to cram all of your family members into a Photo Booth!

Me and my sister had such a great time and straight added to the foolishness… 
Now, as a married lady going to a wedding your head goes to a different space. I remember going to weddings single doing the whole gazing into space about how my wedding would be. Now on the backend, you sit and you listen to the lessons the preacher is speaking of and see if maybe you can take little nuggets of that back to your marriage – and its even better when your husband is there to hear it also. 
So what nugget did I take back from the wedding yesterday, you may ask? Well, the preacher really emphasized the fact that again there is no I or My its We and OURS. So, this morning, my husband says “do you want to do your laundry since you say I ruin your clothes?”..  I said to him, “didn’t you hear the preacher? this is OUR laundry. So feel free to go ahead and get started. If you ruin them then you can just replace OUR clothes!”. LOL
Have a Wonderful Monday!

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Friday’s Letters & Another Award!

It is Friday…. and these are my letters.


Dear Hubby, Thanks for riding with me no matter what crazy idea I may have at the time. You immediately get into character and ride out with me and that’s all I can ask for. You remain one of my best friends and the sudden need to make sure that I am safe when you are not around is appreciated.
Dear Mom and Dad, so glad that you are in town… hanging with you and catching up on things and new gadgets are always fun. Enjoy CBC week. And P.S. THANKS SO MUCH for the awesome Birthday Gifts. I can’t wait to use them.
Dear Sorors, Are you as ready as me and mom are??? 100 years coming up in January. Break out all the Red you can find!
Dear Sister, no worries… I saved you one of these to get your centennial collection started.
Dear Great-Grandmother, it just hit me.. wow this is truly amazing. Almost 100 years ago you founded a sorority with 21 other women and here we are 3 generations or so later and celebrating the legacy that you left for us. Simply amazing.
Dear Readers, I know a lot of you are very crafty. Since we moved, I have yet to even move into my craft room. One day I will be able to get my sewing machine, table and buckets of ribbon, glitter, rhinestones and paint back into their rightful place, but until then support my homegirl at Arin Madison. She makes some of the cutest things for boys and girls. You can follow her on Instagram at ArinMadison … and no this is not a paid advertisement. I literally just love her stuff. I have a running list of things I want for whenever we do have children.
Dear Kara Allen, your party ideas are amazing! I am always thoroughly impressed with the details that go into pulling parties like this together. I gave it a try on my birthday. As you see no pictures of our decor was posted. I am a crafter but I totally lost steam in decorating after cooking for the BBQ. The decorations are STILL hanging up and it is still a sad site to see.
Dear Fall, welcome.
Dear Fall TV lineup, I can NOT WAIT! Man, I will have so much to talk about when it comes to my shows. I can not wait until Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, Scandal, Castle… and I am sure there are so much more, to come back.
Dear Tamar and Vince, YESSSSSS! Thought I would hate it because Tamar can be quite over the top, but Vince’s response to her is soooo what my hubby would do. We sat there and just could relate to some of the newlywed back and forth stuff. Luckily we aren’t both in the industry – we tried it, it didnt work for us. For the sake of happily ever after we chose to do things career wise where we could stay in our lane versus have work flow in our conversations 24-7.
Dear Body, what are you doing? Get it together. I need sleep.
Dear Jimmy Fallon, you are the funniest person ever! especially when you and Justin Timberlake get together! HA!
Dear Emmy’s, I should totally dress up in something fancy and sit in front of my TV and watch you.
And now, English from Be Freckled has gifted yours truly with another award.
Thanks for thinking of me English.
Five Questions
1.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
If I could live anywhere in the world, I would like to think it would be right here. I kinda love where I live and would at best have vacation homes in other places in the world. Seeing as though I have never lived in another country, I am not really feeling like I am missing out on that now.
2.  What is your superhero name?
Hmm… I would have no idea. But I do say that my favorite superhero is Storm.
3.  What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Thats easy. Lay in bed and do absolutely nothing but watch Lifetime Movie Network.
4.  Summer or winter?
5.  Worst habit?
Being late 30 mins every where, every day, no matter where I am going.
And I hate to say that the buck stops here for right now. Perhaps in the future I will pass along the award, but I have to start following more blogs with under 200 followers, but there are some really great ones that I have tagged in the past so far. So looking for some good reads, check out my scroll bar to the right.

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Monday’s Musings: My 30th Birthday Edition

Well… I am OFFICIALLY in what I call “The Golden Girls” Club. 
As a mere young woman in my 20’s, I begrudgingly looked towards the 30’s with angst! 
I teased anyone over their 20’s as being old ladies.. but honestly, a few days in – I can say that I was actually excited about turning 30 after all. Its something about being yourself and speaking your mind with a mature age behind you that people respect a bit more…. that and other things that come with age  – like being sure of yourself.
I had to change my bio over there on the side to say 30 year old and not a 29 year old. 
I guess technically I am no longer a part of the 20 something bloggers on the blogosphere, although I hope that I can at least be the hot older sister 😦
Does that mean I have to really now journal about the things that 30 year olds think about in detail. Sigh. 
Get ready for all the 30 year old yumminess that will be coming your way soon. 

Well, here is part of how I celebrated my 30th Birthday this weekend. 
My husband took me to one of my favorite breakfast spots :
These (Cracker Barrel) are rare where we live so, luckily we don’t live too far from one
The rest of the day was spent relaxing and pampering for a night of fun with my friends.. 
Here is Look #30 – hairstyle inspired by a look I saw on Brandy

I even tried out my new mineralizing powder and shades of foundation by MAC to try out a better blended contoured look.. I was actually quite pleased with my purchases because the help I received at the counter was horrid- HORRID I SAY! 
NYX eyeshadows and lipgloss. (if you want to know more specifics, just let me know).
I also had an 80’s themed BBQ at our home! 

My husband was on the grill and made some of the best ribs I have tasted.. 
Here we thought we were a bunch of cool kids from the 80’s .. although shhhh he was born in the 70’s. 
And I know you are digging my shades! At least I was for the day. They are definitely inspired by one of my favorite late 80’s/ early 90’s shows, “A Different World”.

My Best Friend, DJ Nutty came and DJ’d my party in the house, playing the best 80’s hip hop and R&B songs. We turned our Media Room into a club, with dance floor and VIP section (not really- it was just where I pushed the couch on the wall and pretended I had staff to bring me food and drinks). 

We literally entertained our whole neighborhood with the music! We had it blasting all over the neighborhood, but we did warn neighbors and we didn’t have it rocking into the late night so we were at least respectful on that end. 
We even had a mic to pretend like we were MC’s

My friend such a fun 80’s shirt.. my pic just shows the glow, but the one below shows how it lighted up throughout the night. 

All in all I had a blast! Thanks hubby for such a wonderful birthday weekeend. 
Yesterday was part 3 watching football and eating left overs… 
So.. here is how I did in Fantasy Football:

Weekly Results

WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 TOTAL PCT
Your Entry 138 98 236 77.0
Median 122.0 96.0 218.0 50.0
Best 183 190 312 100.0

Currently in the Bloggers Challenge : I AM TIED FOR FIRST! even though I didn’t do as great.. my team played horrible or should I say, “THE REPLACEMENT REFS ARE HORRIBLE!”

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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