Are You Ready for Some Fantasy Football???

I LOVE Football! Its the one sport that I can actually watch and get into the game beyond the Championship Games.
My Team is the Baltimore Ravens of course!
I remember when we got this team. I remember hearing when I was little girl, the story of the previous Football Team that we had in our city. That’s all anyone ever talked about.. that and the Basketball Team that we also used to have. But what made it worse was that in the Baltimore, their stadium still stood – Memorial Stadium.
So every so often around the start of Football Season, they would have the story on the news about how the then Baltimore Colts, packed up its stuff and moved out in the middle of the night.
One Day, Baltimore had a NFL Team and just like that, Baltimore did not.
With no annoucnment or anything…
The Cleveland Browns moved into town.
There was a competition to name a team. And in the city of Edgar Allan Poe, the Baltimore Ravens were birthed.
We won a Super Bowl in 2000! While I was in College and could actually celebrate and represent for my birthplace.
And we were very close to doing so again last season had it not been for our kicker making a crucial mistake in the last minutes of the Playoff Game… but ITS FOOTBALL TIME AGAIN!
I have always said that I wanted to get into Fantasy Football, but it seemed so complicated..
That is until Erin started a Bloggers Challenge and explained it to me. So I joined!
I want you to also! So I am spreading the WORD!
Erin created a FUN fantasy football option for bloggers only!
(from Erin’s Blog)

via ESPN

ESPN hosts the Gridiron Challenge every year for NFL football. You don’t have to know anything about football to play either, so no excuses!! 😉

The short explanation is that you get $50 million to spend on your team and pick your players. You can swap them out each week, depending on who they’re playing, injuries, the bye week, etc. The goal is obviously to get the most points. Like I said, you can pick at random if you don’t know football, or you can pick your faves! Either way, it’s FUN, I promise!

I’ve created an All-Bloggers group that I want YOU to join! Just sign up for a free ESPN account to join the fun. After you have an account, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the ESPN Group Directory HERE.
  • Search for our group, it’s called: Blogger Challenge
  • You’ll need a password to join, ours is: BLOG2012
  • From there, you pick your team– just be sure you don’t go over the $50M salary cap!

If you have questions about setting up your account, please email me!!!

Also- I’d LOVE if you’d share this blog post on your blog, twitter, etc. The more bloggers the merrier. How fun would it be to have this HUGE blogger challenge going?!

Oh, and did I mention there WILL be a prize at the end of the season. A pretty awesome one. So you better come prepared to WIN…

Erin, I have made my Roster and I am ready to WIN!
I will posting my standings from week to week – gosh I hope I do good. I never played this before, but I expect it will be great fun!

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