Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, coupled with the four day weekend I had last week – you made your appearance so quickly and for that I appreciate you. We got a lot of work done at work this week, so now its time for the weekend!
Dear Mom, YOU ROCK LIKE APPLE SAUCE! I mean really! Speaking at the DNC?!This goes right up there with you becoming the First Female Bishop in the AME Church. You represented like none other. I just wish that I was able to be there with you. You had me dying laughing with your text messages of sitting with Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington and having a great conversation, but had no idea who they were until they hit that DNC stage. LOL. It’s good to hear that they are down to earth.
Mom giving the closing prayer on 2nd day of DNC
Dear Body, I know that you want to lose weight and people think that we may have a condition of some sort, but I’d like to think of us as a late bloomer. We achieved so much at an early age that we were barely a young adult once College was over. I know what underweight looks like. Its appropriate at 15 because we were active and always running around. Michelle Obama arms look great at 15 on us… at 30, it may be more of a struggle, but no need to go overboard with skinny. We don’t like that look too much – you know the bobble head on the pencil body. Let’s keep some of these womanly curves and get down to a happy medium. Let’s get back to Wedding Weight or a size just below that. K? Thanks.

Heading out for my Junior Prom at 15
Dear iPhone 5, come quickly! My iPhone 4 can’t even update any further because I have no storage, I refuse to buy more and I always have to delete pics before I can take any more.. this is horrible. I need a new phone, a bigger phone and a phone with more battery life.. help a sister out.

Dear Macbook, hold on just a little while longer.. I have never seen the pinwheel on my Mac so much, but I am also pushing you to your very limit. Please just wait until Christmas ok? before you give up the ghost.
Dear Hubby, Ready for Birthday Celebration Part Two? This time its just me and you!
Dear Samsung 3D TV that decided to die in our Bedroom, WHY can’t you be like your older brothers and sisters that we have around the house. We have you for six months and you decide that you want to fade to black? REALLY?! get it together or we will put you out to pasture.
Dear Bestie, I know this week may be tough for you.. but just know that when this is all over, God has something/ someone better for you.

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