Monday’s Musings: 30 Looks to 30

So… the countdown is winding down.. 
I will be 30 years old on the 14th day of September. 
And although 30 seems just a bit scary for me and exciting all at once, if that is possible – I still feel like the little girl pictured below…
I have never been a big birthday party girl. As sociable as I am, it just never was my thing or maybe I made it not my thing. I love to throw parties and serious events for other people but when it comes to my own – I lack. So this year, I am going to attempt to do something wonderful. 
In the meantime, I have mentioned before that I love to change up my hair (and make-up).. and what really doesn’t help this addiction is the fact that I can do my own hair and play in make up galore almost to a fault. It all started when I was 12 and bored and had uneven hair.. I took a pair of scissors to my pony tail while my parents were at work. The rest is history.. 
So now. How should I wear my hair to step into the Big 3-0???
Over the last two years – I have such a hair collection that I really can not choose. 
Let me walk you through my (roughly) 30 looks to my 30th Birthday.. I am sure you are going to be just as confused as I am. 
To give you some background, I am natural – meaning, my natural hair has no straightener applied. I do things like keep it braided to allow it to be protected and grow and then do sew in weaves or glue in weaves and may dye it with semi-permanent color from time to time. The looks are endless.. 
So please help me choose.. 30 looks to 30
I am SURE there are more… 
#1 – Early 2010
Ignore John Mayer and look at my hair  – Classic weave with Remi hair, getting bored with Brown hair
#2 – Feb 2010
Moved the part over, lightened and lengthened but STILL boring brown

#3 – June – 2010

Took the plunge, dyed my natural hair blonde, then added weave. Loved this! my hair not-so-much. Resulted in major breakage
#4 – August 2010
Same but with a side part and pinned to the side. 
 Found a new Remi Hair (Indi Remi) – best match for my dyed hair

#5 – August 2010
Same hair, but worn with both sides down
#6 – August 2010
Two toned, remi weave. 
#7 – September 2010
Shorter look from wedding day. Part closer to the middle. 
This is the look that is on my license picture. If you don’t think about it, let me offer you this advice – Look your best on Drivers License renewal day. Its a picture you will be showing to strangers.

 #8 – October 2010
Got over wanting the long hair and did a short cut for a while and variations of this. Due to breakage eventually cut off the back of my hair. 

#9 – Late 2010
Naturally curly, with half wig extensions
#10 – Early 2011

Softer curly hair, straightened the front with a flat iron plus half wig extensions
Natural hair is still braided underneath
#11 – Easter 2011
Went back to a layered short look. (glued in and it started to itch)
#12 – Summer 2011
After chopping off all my hair post wedding, this was the first time I allowed myself all summer to be weave free to let it breathe and grow
#13 – Fall 2011
Ignore the mascot, I work in Youth Ministry – 
but decided I missed my longer hair so it was about that time.
 #14 – October 2011
I missed my blonde from the wedding but overshot the look by a few notches up
So now I was a brighter blonde then usual
#15 – October 2011
Loved the color but wanted this shorter length for some edge

#16 – November 2011
Knew that winter was coming, therefore no more summer/fall blonde
Added more brown and more layers

#17  – December 2011
Got into an indecisive rut, so when in doubt add a ponytail
#18 – Christmas Eve 2011
#19 – New Years 2012
Inspired by Angela Simmons, lengthy/ wavy
#20 – March 2012 – We moved into a new house, new me!
My natural hair has GROWN! Woo- hoo. Dominican Press Spring has commenced

#21 – Spring 2012
Trying not to get bored with the press, so tighter curls and layers

#22 – Easter 2012
Hair is still natural

#23 – Mother’s Day 2012
My sister and I had to do an event, so we both were inspired to wear auburn tresses
 #24 – Summer 2012
Back to Blonde for the Summer, it just allows me to have more fun!

#25 – July 2012
Still blonde, but dark roots due to the fact that I don’t want to have to chop my hair off again
#26 – Late July 2012
Last week of blonde for me
#27 – Bridal Shower August 2012
Wanted a wet and go look but longer… then the following picture happened

#28 – Wedding Anniversary 2012
Hair was WRECKED in the salt water, but can’t wear this every day

#29 – Late August 2012
Back to naturally curly, a few extensions for length
#30 – ??????
As you can see, I have a bit of Hairstyle A.D.D. and need major help.
Will I ever settle on a style? probably not. I am an artist and love the change, but I totally need help.
Try something new?
Try something old?
What would you do??
LAWD help!

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5 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings: 30 Looks to 30

  1. Faith says:

    You are not kidding!! Wow! I really liked your New Years 2012 look or when you have the natural curly look going on.

    I turn 30 in Oct and I still feel like a little girl too.


  2. Carissa says:

    WOW! I wish I had the guts to try all of these styles…I love the love the long and curly look! Although the naturally curly is cute too…Girl I dont know I think you gave us too many choices! LOL!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!


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