Monday’s Musings: My 30th Birthday Edition

Well… I am OFFICIALLY in what I call “The Golden Girls” Club. 
As a mere young woman in my 20’s, I begrudgingly looked towards the 30’s with angst! 
I teased anyone over their 20’s as being old ladies.. but honestly, a few days in – I can say that I was actually excited about turning 30 after all. Its something about being yourself and speaking your mind with a mature age behind you that people respect a bit more…. that and other things that come with age  – like being sure of yourself.
I had to change my bio over there on the side to say 30 year old and not a 29 year old. 
I guess technically I am no longer a part of the 20 something bloggers on the blogosphere, although I hope that I can at least be the hot older sister 😦
Does that mean I have to really now journal about the things that 30 year olds think about in detail. Sigh. 
Get ready for all the 30 year old yumminess that will be coming your way soon. 

Well, here is part of how I celebrated my 30th Birthday this weekend. 
My husband took me to one of my favorite breakfast spots :
These (Cracker Barrel) are rare where we live so, luckily we don’t live too far from one
The rest of the day was spent relaxing and pampering for a night of fun with my friends.. 
Here is Look #30 – hairstyle inspired by a look I saw on Brandy

I even tried out my new mineralizing powder and shades of foundation by MAC to try out a better blended contoured look.. I was actually quite pleased with my purchases because the help I received at the counter was horrid- HORRID I SAY! 
NYX eyeshadows and lipgloss. (if you want to know more specifics, just let me know).
I also had an 80’s themed BBQ at our home! 

My husband was on the grill and made some of the best ribs I have tasted.. 
Here we thought we were a bunch of cool kids from the 80’s .. although shhhh he was born in the 70’s. 
And I know you are digging my shades! At least I was for the day. They are definitely inspired by one of my favorite late 80’s/ early 90’s shows, “A Different World”.

My Best Friend, DJ Nutty came and DJ’d my party in the house, playing the best 80’s hip hop and R&B songs. We turned our Media Room into a club, with dance floor and VIP section (not really- it was just where I pushed the couch on the wall and pretended I had staff to bring me food and drinks). 

We literally entertained our whole neighborhood with the music! We had it blasting all over the neighborhood, but we did warn neighbors and we didn’t have it rocking into the late night so we were at least respectful on that end. 
We even had a mic to pretend like we were MC’s

My friend such a fun 80’s shirt.. my pic just shows the glow, but the one below shows how it lighted up throughout the night. 

All in all I had a blast! Thanks hubby for such a wonderful birthday weekeend. 
Yesterday was part 3 watching football and eating left overs… 
So.. here is how I did in Fantasy Football:

Weekly Results

WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 TOTAL PCT
Your Entry 138 98 236 77.0
Median 122.0 96.0 218.0 50.0
Best 183 190 312 100.0

Currently in the Bloggers Challenge : I AM TIED FOR FIRST! even though I didn’t do as great.. my team played horrible or should I say, “THE REPLACEMENT REFS ARE HORRIBLE!”

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