Monday’s Musings: Wedded Bliss Edition

So, Yesterday my cousin got married… 
 I had strange fears of being the plump bridesmaid busting loose…
Especially since I am a last minute person and knew that after getting measured for the dress – I KNEW I would have to get it altered. 
All in all, it all worked out – thanks to some handy dandy well placed safety pins. 
And now… photos from the days festivities.
Cuzzo gifted me with an awesome bridesmaid present. I WISH all my hangers had my name on it. It would prevent my husband from trying to steal my good hangers or migrate to my side of the closet!
Anywho, my cousin on her mother’s side is of Dominican and Panamanian descent. There was a lot of culture on display at the wedding including her headpiece versus the traditional tiara and veil. These are her Polleras. 
Once placed in the hair, they look like her pics below… 
Here we got up early to meet at her sisters house to get dolled up for the day.  Definitely snapped a quick pic just after our make up done and we were headed to the mansion where the wedding was to take place. 

The future Mrs. Gabriel also had a cute hanger for her wedding gown – a gorgeous Vera Wang dress. 

Every daughter waits for the moment where their mother will help them get dressed in their last outfit as a Miss. 
Once dressed we had just a few minutes to lay around before the ceremony begins

It was time to go. I left last with Miss Smith and shut the door behind me to let her reflect on what was about to happen.. the next time I see my little cousin will be when she is walking towards her future husband. 

After the wedding ceremony.. it was time to TURN UP for the reception! And boy were we a LOUD and rowdy bunch, or should I say the groomsmen were because they most certainly were!
“The moment when you are walking on another man’s arm in a wedding and you search the audience for your husband and give him that hey boo look to let him know he has no worries.”
Later in the reception, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel let culture loose and did the Pollera Dance – a homage to the Panamanian culture

and Second Line Dance – a tribute to New Orleans… If you have never done a Second Line dance, I have to say that it is great fun! Grab your dinner napkin and straight rock your hips to the beat of the “second line” band. 
Umbrellas in the air! LEGGO!
And you can’t have the most wedding fun until you try to cram all of your family members into a Photo Booth!

Me and my sister had such a great time and straight added to the foolishness… 
Now, as a married lady going to a wedding your head goes to a different space. I remember going to weddings single doing the whole gazing into space about how my wedding would be. Now on the backend, you sit and you listen to the lessons the preacher is speaking of and see if maybe you can take little nuggets of that back to your marriage – and its even better when your husband is there to hear it also. 
So what nugget did I take back from the wedding yesterday, you may ask? Well, the preacher really emphasized the fact that again there is no I or My its We and OURS. So, this morning, my husband says “do you want to do your laundry since you say I ruin your clothes?”..  I said to him, “didn’t you hear the preacher? this is OUR laundry. So feel free to go ahead and get started. If you ruin them then you can just replace OUR clothes!”. LOL
Have a Wonderful Monday!

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6 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings: Wedded Bliss Edition

  1. Erin says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and unique wedding! I love all the cultural touches they included. You look gorgeous too, ma'am! Love the picture/caption of looking for your man in a crowd, haha!!


  2. Angi says:

    Hi there, I'm here from YOLO Monday!

    I love the picture/caption of you looking for your husband in the crowd..totally something I would do, haha. At our wedding I made sure that my matron of honor got to walk back down the aisle with her husband, who was one of my husband's groomsmen…and then his best man was married to my other bridesmaid…we just had them do a little switcheroo to head back down the aisle!

    Also love the bit about the laundry…might have to try that line on my husband, haha!


  3. Kasey Lynne says:

    Not many people can pull off an orange dress, but YOU certainly did! It looked so good on you!

    I agree with you on your perspective/though process and how it changes before/after you're married…isn't it so awesome??


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