Monday’s Musings: Let the Church Say Amen

This Monday’s Musings are about the young people at my church. They made me very proud yesterday that I had to share – It was Youth Takeover Sunday and takeover they did.

The pulpit was decorated with the theme: “This is War”

Our Youth Pastor said “Take your phone out and take pictures and tag our Pastor on Twitter so that he can see how much fun we were having…. so out came the phones and I snapped pics of those who were sitting near me. 

Honestly, at the end of the day, Youth Takeover Sunday is about ministry to our young people. There was a call to pray with their families at the end of service – and then we asked our youth leaders to also come and pray as our Youth Pastor led them in prayer. It truly warmed my heart.

I find it hard to express what I may need to trust God for, for fear that I invite what I do not want into my space: negativity. However, what I do know is that eventually my story WILL probably help someone… when I feel like its completely ready to tell. In due time. Just not now. But hopefully soon.
In other news, Best Buy just finished fixing our 3-D TV in our bedroom so finishing the Master Bedroom and finally doing something new with the Laundry Room is about to happen REALLY soon. Can’t to start doing more home things so that I can invite you guys inside.
Also, I am thinking about entering in the Rachael Ray Contest that would invite her into our home. I never usually want to do such things but I am really considering it… hmmm… 

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13 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings: Let the Church Say Amen

  1. Sippy Cups and Pearls says:

    WOW! I can't believe I found you on here! Ok so I used to have “Coffee with Whitney” and I ended up having to delete that little blog I just started and start fresh…so I came over to blogger from wordpress and lost ALL my old buddies…I saw you are a co host this week on RTF blog hop and recognized you immediately. haha. glad I found you and I'm following you…yet again. hahaha.


  2. Dalayna Dillon says:

    First of all, you should totally invite Rachel Ray over! Doooo it!
    Second, praise God for what he is doing with the youth in your church! I am a youth pastor so it is super encouraging to know that God is on the move not just in my town but all over!
    Thirdly, Thanks for co-hosting the blog hop today 🙂
    Can't wait to see all the home renovations too.



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