New Kid on the Block

Well… HELLO to all of you who are here from the Blog Hop!
I know sometimes it can be a click and follow type of thing but I wanted you to at least know a little more about me, just in case you decide you want to not only follow but continue to read whats going on over here at Hello, Good Morning Sunshine.
Well First…
I read every single one of them and although I can’t always respond, but it truly helps to know that you either enjoyed something I posted or that just stopped by to say hi.
Here at my blog.. I write about ME! How narcissistic, I know. But honestly, I would love to go back years from now and see what happened during my newlywed days.
You see, I married this fine specimen of Haitian and Dominican, who is a professional musician and songwriter only two years ago now. We purchased and customized our first home and we are literally trying to not only navigate our lives together but decorate and enjoy our home together.
Plus, I love to mess with him sometimes.. good times.
I am a Ravens Fan! and if you can not deal with that then I understand, but I LOVE MY TEAM! Yes, I feel as though I am more of a football fan then my husband but he at least knows what team to root for in THIS house!

Only less then a month into our new home, our neighbors almost burned down the block.. that was fun.

I keeps it real with my nail polish posts and admit that usually one hand is left undone. And I am ok with that.

Sometimes, I talk about my busty girl problems.

I too, also have bad days at work… don’t we all.. could be that darn light is just too bright?!

I LOVES my Coffee! This was the first thing we bought when we moved into our new home and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! no K-cups here.. its all about the V-cups!

We have great friends that stop by from time to time.. and I love to post about our crazy antics like “late night Chicken and Waffles” over here.

And thinking towards the end of October , I can’t decide how that may play out just yet.

Yeah, well.. I just turned 30 so of course, that clock went from an annoying tick to almost a Street Siren warning for Nuclear Warfare.

I have my Newlywed Confessions and write about the issues that we may have and hope that others see it the same way.

To tickle your funny bone, I share with you what I laughed at today and pray that my husband and I NEVER do anything like this family did.

All in all I believe in this…

Look, who else can you throw an 80’s birthday party with and look this cool??

So… that’s it for me. Hope you stick around.. scroll down and join in on the Blog Hop!

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4 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block

  1. Jessica says:

    I love this post, and I am in love with your ring! My dad is a custom jeweler, so I've been around wedding rings my whole life, and that there is a gorgeous piece of art!

    Anyway, I'm a new follower, and if you'd like to follow back, I'll love you forever. 🙂 Can't wait to read more from you!

    What's in a Name?


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