Friday’s Letters

Dear Readers,  I don’t really do the political thing no worries about being bombarded with political analysis over here…. I just want you to VOTE!
However, THIS right here cracked me up!!!! my twitter timeline popped up with all kinds of Big Bird accts and pictures quicker then any other news story during the Presidential Debates.  What’s even funnier is that Twitter snatched them down quicker then they went up! 
No worries, Sesame Street said their funding will allow them to go no where! I LOVE Big Bird Too!
Dear Friday, This week has gone by fast but nonetheless always happy to have an extended weekend.
Dear Hubby, You have been a great support this week. Can’t wait to go see Taken2 at the new movie theater. Hopefully it will be our new spot because I believe its closer and we don’t have to worry too much about parking. I am ready for every movie theater snack that I have missed out on over the last couple months.
Dear Greys, Sorry but I had to put you on mute yesterday and put you on the DVR. Honestly, I was too busy watching the Woman, Thou Art Loosed Conference online. But promise to watch you soon.
Dear Scandal, OHHHH why are you such a good show! for you phones don’t get answered.. I mean that Mrs. Drake last night??! she was definitely a better woman than I could’ve ever been.
Dear God, I know you still are in the miracle working business. Can you throw a few my way?
Dear Laundry Room, you have been put on pause. Guess we should’ve measured first, however – SOON! you will be complete and my house will not remain in clothing disarray.
Dear Mom, you never cease to amaze me. NEVER! you truly allow for me to have plenty of stories to tell your future grandkids.. and no this is not a clue as to say that they are on the way.
Dear New Readers, Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you taking the time to click the follow button.
Whew! I feel better now…

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