Monday’s Musings: Brought to you by my favorite 80’s toys

My my my, how the tide turns. Its so funny because I was so excited Friday because The Nationals and The Orioles won and yet BOTH teams lost and are now out of the running for the World Series.
However, my RAVENS are still the leaders of the AFC! Even with the win against Dallas we basically got lucky. Now Ray Lewis and Ladarius Webb is out! Our defense has just taken a major hit… so I am just praying we continue to win.
If I find this hat.. consider it mine! If YOU want to gift this to me, I am open to that as well.  I am adding this to my Christmas (more like, MUST HAVE before Christmas) List.
This weekend I found myself clearing out the perfect corner in order to find a place for my very first Christmas Tree. I know, I know – so soon… I haven’t mastered the decorating the home for fall, but I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas. Probably because this is my first Christmas in my own house with my husband and we have never had our own Christmas before. So I am kind of excited. 
One thing you may not know about me is that I am allergic to Pine Trees, so NO, ABSOLUTELY NO REAL TREE in my house… so now I have to find the perfect fake tree that won’t take up too much room in our storage room or attic.
My little sister turned 27!

This chick was FIERCE! and STILL working on her Birthday attending Black Girls Rock Awards in New York on her special day! 
I have to say that looking at my sister in this dress was somewhat motivation for me because I miss being able to dress like that and it wasn’t too long ago that we really looked like sisters and not before and after pictures – so back to the gym I go!
Is it sad that the HIGHLIGHT of my weekend was putting my new toy together! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Dyson – and no this post is not sponsored in anyway. 

I got this because we really needed one as our floors were becoming nasty after moving in and having only the bare minimum to clean with. On one level alone we have hardwood, canvas woven throw rugs, shag and regular plush carpeting. Who wants to go through a lot of changes to clean all those floors. Not ME! Nope!
Our Laundry Room is getting painted today so I hope to show you that soon. Little does hubby know, I may just sneak away to my favorite places – Target & Homegoods to accessorize it shortly. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. If so leave me a link below so I can read it!

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