Breast Cancer Awareness: It all started with MLK

“What did?” you may be asking…
My weight loss motivation that is…
It all started when my job decided to have monthly Walk/Run events to get us out of the office.
We meet up at our downtown offices which are not too far from the U.S. Capitol and then take a nice walk..
This time we went down to the Washington Monument up to the Tidal Basin and decided to push ourselves further by walking AROUND the Tidal Basin to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument.
This was the furthest walk I had been on in a LONG time.
But it was just what I needed!
Once I got over the fact that my ankle and my legs were hurting.. I decided that the next day I would walk around the shopping plaza, which led to wanting to walk around the neighborhood..
It led to me trying to find motivation to meal plan better and find other things to do.
Real talk: I saw my little sisters picture of her on her 27th birthday and she looked great. I remember when I was that size. I figured if I could be a size 8 when I met my husband 6 years ago, WHY but out of sheer laziness have I allowed myself to get to a size 18.
Truthfully, its because I have never had to work out to lose weight.
I was always smaller in frame. I used to belong to a dance company all throughout high school. While in college, my heaviest weight was 130lbs. I went to college weighing in at 95 lbs.
So in a relationship prior to meeting my husband my biggest size was a 12.
I guess I just got comfortable at my work desk and tried not to go out dancing as much as I used to because it would be every weekend for about 5 hours.
Then, I started working two jobs and my part-time was spent on my feet. I lost all the weight by not having time to sit down and eat dinner. I went from that size 12 back to a 8 easily and would spend money like no tomorrow shopping in Bebe because I could fit it!
So when we got married, I was able to lose the weight by working part time at Target and Boot Camp once a week!
I really and truly do not know what it feels like to consistently go to the gym just to lose and maintain weight.
I literally had prayed for God to change my heart about working out because I do not know how to do it and how I would be able to keep it up.
And so after visiting the MLK Memorial for the first time ever, all because my job pushed me to go the extra mile, I have a new found motivation to take small steps to getting the weight down.
Its a new pre-baby goal.
It was either that or Skydiving.. and I am sure that my husband would not appreciate the latter.
So as you will see I have some new fitness inspired blogs on my blog roll to keep reminding me what I need to do. I am taking baby steps but November 1st is my goal to implement my fitness plan fully.
To keep me motivated for walking, I am participating in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Walk for Breast Cancer on Sunday, for the very first time! Again another walk for a great cause!
I am walking in memory of my Aunt Brenda Smith and my Line Sisters Rhonda and Sherri who are Breast Cancer Survivors.
Who else has done it or will be meeting me there?

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4 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness: It all started with MLK

  1. Courtney says:

    So proud of you and would LOVE to virtually do this with you as well!!!! I did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer last year and it was amazing, life changing. 37 miles in 2 days.


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