Loads of Laundry

Ok so this might be the most random post EVER! So bare with me..
Let me just be clear from the gate – this IS NOT a sponsored post. I don’t have that luxury just yet. All the products mentioned are because of our personal preference and nothing more than that. And clearly these are all my opinions…
So, why is the Laundry Room THAT important? Well for one, in our home, its adjacent to our Master Bedroom. It can’t be fashioned with anything random because its seen every time we come to our bedroom plus I was very adament about load size and silence of the machines, since we are late night last minute people. I want to be able to do loads of Laundry while I sleep if need be. Plus, I can be remedial when it comes to try to fix things so I wanted to make sure if anything goes wrong, we would be ok.
So Monday, my husband and I decided to paint our Laundry Room and finish painting our Master Bedroom. We got started on the Laundry Room first because we knew that we were going to be delivered our new Washer and Dryer on Wednesday.
We went to Lowe’s to select our paint.
We usually gravitate to Valspar colors because they usually have we are looking for and we have used them in every room in the house because the color is dead on.
I literally pick my colors by how I want to FEEL in that room.
I said to hubby “I want it to feel cheery in the Laundry Room because you know I HATE to do Laundry.”
So we eventually picked Valspar’s Bamboo Shoot
In our bedroom, previously mentioned here when we first started it, is Valspar’s Sweet Serenity. We I finally finished ALL the edging (since I literally do it by freehand).
On Wednesday, our delivery was made while I was at work. My hubby KNEW that I would love to get a play by play. He said to me “I know you are a blogger and that you would love to capture this, so I took some pictures for you”… isn’t he sweet..
In all honesty, I just have an anxiety about people delivering things and scratching up my walls so I KNEW I couldn’t be in the house, cause I would panic at every sharp turn.
So I have to show you just HOW MANY photos he took – I love him. LOL
Thanks for your help babe!
Get Ready for a Photo Dump : my went straight paparazzi on them. I guess in his mind blogger = paparazzi stalker

See right about at this turn I would’ve been standing there freaking out… smh

They were great! No scratches when I got home… and now my two favorite machines!
Don’t be fooled by the front loading all the time.. these two babies are bigger then biggest front loading washer and dryers that are out. Well except for the Biggest ones by LG that we ordered and had to return because clearly they would’ve never fit, but thats a different story all together!
But not only are they bigger but the gadgets and features are also the same.. so THANK YOU LG!
and real talk Thank You Sears, because we have been ordering and returning these things since March just because of personal preferences.
Laundry Room is now considered DONE!
That is until I have to accessorize.

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