Never Leave Home without your Eyebrows

I think its safe to say that of all the things that women do to enhance their beauty, from the days where you put on make-up to make yourself look more elegant for an event or from the simplest of days to all you need is some lipgloss – STILL eyebrows are the most important.
They give expression – its almost one of those things that you do not even notice ….
until they are gone.
I know you see that my eyebrow is missing ūüė¶
Let me explain… I LOVE make up. You should see my bathroom counter because it is oozing with all things make up.¬†I wear it mostly at events and on weekends because I do not like to wear too much make up to work in the field that I am in and with the demographic of persons I service.
So, let’s be clear. Women wear make up to either hide or enhance their greatest features. For me, I struggle with my hooded eye. I hate to say it but I look almost Asian when I smile because you can no longer see my little eyes. I wish I had a bigger palatte to play with all the make up shading in the world that I love, but I simply do not have it. So instead, I play around a lot with color and making sure that at least my brow has a significant shape.
Well, that day, I decided to try two things: contouring to change the shape of your face Рbecause I struggle with the high cheekbone / fat cheek syndrome and I would change the shape of my arch. I was beginning to simply get bored with them and saw some eyebrow shapes that I loved to try. 

 I went from loving thinner brows to loving thick juicy brow back to loving a hybrid.
Regardless… I overshot it understatement of a lifetime¬†because I tweezed away half of my natural brow and didn’t realize it until I wiped my make up off.
Not wearing any make up the next day, I didn’t even notice them – that is until I went to work!
¬†I have a mirror on my desk and screamed “WHERE IS MY EYEBROW?!”
I drew something on quickly and that was that.
What made it worse was that one of my coworkers had noticed it was missing also when I rubbed my face because of my allergies and it was no longer there.
I thought to myself, I have a more permanent solution.
So, rolling with the laughter of my coworker I decided, that this would be my solution.
I learned that day –¬† Never Leave Home without your Eyebrow
I did accomplish my goal of having a thinner brow as you see from my most recent picture from the weekend:
but I KNEW I had to share with you the backstory.
If you want some more funny… well here you go:
Jimmy Fallon as Fit Romney for his DIY Halloween Contest
Here’s what I submitted for the contest: a girl LOVES her coffee.
This is from Halloween 2010. Not yet sure what I will do this year.

I hope I put a smile on your face!

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2 thoughts on “Never Leave Home without your Eyebrows

  1. Danielle says:

    I don't know the first thing about tweeting my eyebrows. Instead, I endure the pain of getting them threaded every 2-3 weeks! I need to experiment with more brown shapes, you're brows look great!


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