Surviving Sandy

Well. This WENCH as I have liked to refer to her has definitely come and is now heading out of here!
Grant it. I like that I have been working from home the last two days but seriously to be held up your in home like this can make even the well prepared go a little stir crazy. 
My thoughts and prayers are with those that have extensive damage from the hurricane and the families of those who were killed during the hurricane. 
As for us, we discovered a leak in the basement which totally changed my happy go lucky mood of staying at home. It just made me wonder how much worse it was going to get. Mind you this house was just built 6 months ago so I am truly kind of irritated with the leak right now because its making no sense as to how its happening – through our basement ceiling and we live in a large town home and its not coming from the floor above it. Which then further lets me know its coming from outside somehow. Because I have seen this house built from the ground up, I have a pretty good idea as to how its happening – someone better get here to fix this QUICK!
At my parents home some of the siding in the rear blew off the house and as I type this right now they are sitting without power and have been doing so since earlier last night 😦 
My sister lives in NYC and had to work yesterday as the storm hit – the life of a news producer. But she is safe also.  A large tree fell but luckily missed her vehicle by three cars. 
One thing I have done was try every recipe that I have been wanting to try. 
The pulled pork I made was SO delish- thanks Skinny Taste! and I have more great recipes that I have been trying since I have been home.
I made Oxtails for dinner and Lasagna is on deck for tonight.
Sandy we made it! 
Hopefully we don’t have a winter like we have had in the past because I am going to have to find other things to do to keep the cabin fever at bay. 
Luckily, Sandy has not thwarted our plan to go on a mini-vacation this weekend so prayerfully all will be restored before we head on the road.
Do you know anyone who was affected or were you affected yourself? 
How did you survive Sandy?

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