Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, Here already and tonight we plan to use up the time to spend at a gospel concert thanks to a good friend who is in town. Can’t wait.
Dear Denzel in Flight, man saw you last weekend and can I just say – you NEVER disappoint! Your character was straight CRAZY. I didn’t know whether to feel sorry for him or cheer for him. Some kind of twisted hero you played….as usual.
Dear Skyfall, you are next! Man I can not wait to see you. I literally had to exercise restraint when my phone popped up with a message that you were having midnight showings on Wednesday. I was already way too exhausted from Tuesday Night spent staying up late..
Dear Hollywood, You can SHOVE IT! to say that this girl is Obese?! you have got to be kidding me?! I’d take her kind of Obese any day.
Dear Jennifer Lawrence, thank you for being a real woman and having enough confidence about yourself to tell them to do the same. I REALLY wish that the media would not portray such unrealistic and unhealthy body types as the standard!
Dear Washington, D.C., you are going to be quite busy come January… between Alpha Phi Alpha having their founders day, then Delta Sigma Theta having their founders day Centennial then having the Inauguration.. I mean really?! Every hotel was BOOKED SOLID yesterday. Luckily most people will take public transportation so the streets will be clear.
Dear WalMart and Sears, you have gone COO-COO!, are you really opening on Thanksgiving Day at 8pm?! I have never been that Black Friday shopper. Some reason or another we never need any TV’s or other electronic item that goes on sale at Christmas. I have no idea what I would be doing out at that time of morning. Now let Home Depot, Target and ZGallerie have some home goods type of sale and I may just be changing my mind.
Dear Hubby, SOOOOO…. this is what having a slumber party every day with your best friend feels like. I love how we can be snappy at each other for like 5 mins because we are tired of being cooped up together to being playful almost immediately again. You are so silly!
Dear Readers, Welcome! Something brought you here and I hope you stay awhile.

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