You Know You’ve Seen Too Many Movies When…

So as you know my hubby and I go to see about every movie that comes out (sans Scary Movies- they just aren’t our cup of tea). As I wake up and begin my usual morning ritual : wake up at 7:15 and lay there for about an hour while I watch Good Morning America and then rush to get dressed to be at work in about 15 mins when its at least a 30 min drive from my house… along the bottom of the screen this morning read that Mark Wahlberg just signed on for Transformers 4!
Can I just pause right here though and talk about Mark for a moment.
Talk about a guy who has literally changed his image over the years and has REALLY been involved with some great stuff.
I mean really… it takes a lot to go from thinking you can be a rapper as a white dude (pre-eminem)
 and called your crew the Funky Bunch to being the guy who produced one of my favorite shows, Entourage.
Either who, I remember when my hubby and I went to go see Transformers 3 (and we even have it in 3D DVD at home) we were debating if there will be a 4 since the end of movie there appeared to be no foreseable enemy like the last Transformers movies.
Then in my early morning babble, I went on to argue my husband down that NO! there could be no good story line that could come out for Transformers 4 because his new girlfriend was English and awkward and Iron Man closed up the hole in the sky and therefore no new enemies could come down to Earth since they destroyed the pillars and what not…
I think I realized that in my head somehow Iron Man had made it into the storyline of Transformers at the same time as I realized that hubby was no longer arguing with me. Once I realized my mistake and figured out that I had somehow merged The Avengers with Transformers, I bust out laughing… luckily for me my husband contained all the laughter he could and laughed WITH me and not AT me and said he was just giving me time to think what I just said through. LOL!
My excuse? I would blame snafoo on it on being so early in the morning but nope, I said “they were both flying hero-things made of metal”. Yeah Iron must be the new Transformer. Easy mistake right?!
I need more sleep. And clearly I have seen way too many of these movies for my mind to even keep them straight.
But seriously, Michael Bay has lost yet another lead??? – first Megan Fox now Shia LaBoeuf decided he didn’t want to do anymore Transformers movies and said some pretty harsh things about the franchise itself. I’m just saying if you gotta keep replacing your stars, maybe its not them, maybe its you. I am a Shia FAN! like forreal! (except when he grew his hair out) so it will be interesting to see if they are going to just plant Mark into convincing us that he is Witwicky or see if they will go in a whole new “save the Earth from the alien robots with a new human savior” type of direction.
Time will tell, and since we are movie buffs, we will be there June 2014.

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2 thoughts on “You Know You’ve Seen Too Many Movies When…

  1. Nicole J says:

    I'm not the biggest Transformers fan. I have part 1 on dvd and I've see #2. But throw in Msrk Walhberg??? I'm all over it now! LOL He's a hottie in my book! lol

    And don't feel bad about mixing up Iron man and transformers, I do it all the time with captain american and what ever other robot looking hero is out lol


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