Monday’s Musings~ Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veteran’s Day ~ this weekend I can honestly say was such a good one! It was filled with a bunch of new things checked off on my list. 
It’s always a good thing to feel “productive”, in this case it was more “doing things never been done before” like I previously wrote about. 
It all started with a concert in Baltimore thanks to my hubby’s best friend being in town playing with the band. It was a great night of music, worship and fellowship at the Hippodrome theater. 
See, the guy on the keys.. (sorry for the horrible photo- getting my camera back is on my ‘other’ list) thats hubby’s best friend since high school. Interestingly enough, they play the same instruments. 

After the concert, we went back stage to catch up with the artist and the band. Let’s just say that the cookie that I had that night was disgusting… and unfortunately the caterer that was assigned to service them was piss poor when it came to attitude : the cookie was the only thing that was keeping my mouth shut. But no worries, she got hers served to her but luckily not by myself or hubby.
Saturday – it was all about Segs in the City!!!
I was so excited to go segway riding. I have never been segway riding before and a group of us got together to go Segway around Washington, DC to see all the monuments. 
Can I just say that when I first stepped up on the Segway it was the most uncomfortable feeling! It felt so unstable under my feet and we were all pretty shook. It took a few minutes to get my balance and learn how to stop properly. One regret I wore Uggs on the Segway board and it was so hard to feel the control of the footpad.  After some practice, we were on our way!

Our tour guide Jordan up in front would lead us to the different monuments and tell us different facts that we didn’t know about them. I learned so much on the tour! I have always wanted to be a tourist in my own city. People from all over come to see it and we see it everyday and could care less. So I was glad that we actually did that tour.

By the time we got to the last monument which was the WWII monument that is at the end of the National Mall, we paused for a group shot. This was hilarious because my friend Jessica still by this point had not mastered how to get the Segway where she needed it to go and how to keep it still… as evidenced in the picture below. It was hilarious!!! I had a great bunch of laughs that day!

On Sundays its all about Church & Football… 
The best way to watch football in Baltimore is while you are eating crabs! And since the weather is warming up it makes me excited that I can get such good crabs in November. We also had a dozen oysters on the half shell. They were huge! and at my favorite spot they are 6 for $1. Where else can you get good oysters for that cheap?!!

The icing on the cake? The Ravens SMACKED DOWN the Raiders 55-20. Poor Oakland. 
Today, I started the Couch to 5K program. I said I was going to stop having excuses and I really want to meet my goal. So I downloaded the app and it was easy to follow. I was able to listen to songs from ipod without exiting the app and the app would chime in and tell me when to run and when to walk. 

30 mins later and I was feeling really great! .. and HOT~ I grabbed my hoody thinking that since its November it may be cool out.. nope! its 70 degrees… I was baking!!!!!!!!!! 
and no, I don’t wear these every time I run – Hubby was in the studio and I grabbed the first pair of headphones that he could spare.

Now its back to the COUCH on this Veteran’s Day. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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