Monday’s Musings: Thankful Tuesday Edition

So typically on Monday’s I give a run down of what I did over the weekend. Clearly, Monday has now passed and I still have not been able to capture what I did over the weekend. So here we go: A Thankful Tuesday Edition of Monday’s Musings.
First let me just say that I LOVED the Twilight Movie, Breaking Dawn 2 with the unexpected twist at the end. I read the book when it came out but it has been so long ago that I forgot the details. Recently, Yesterday I found the book and I am almost tempted to read it again just because they left out so many details that were in the book. Like for one, we see them in that stupid Volvo the whole movie — I was looking forward to seeing all the crazy cars that Edward owned. Sucks to have a vehicle sponsor for your movie. However, another upside? THE SOUNDTRACK – the music was awesome. KUDOS!
Now onto other things… Friday Night my sister hosted a Coats and Cocktails Event through her blog to support the homeless of DC. Of course I helped my sister out with this event along with her staff. We collected several hundreds of coats to donate to Martha’s Table of Washington, DC. Mayor Vincent Gray sent her a Letter of Appreciation and the Governor of M.D. Martin O’Malley gave her a Governor’s Citation for the work that she has done in the community. I was SOOOOO proud of her and I know the rest of my family is too.
We served Red Velvet Cupcakes from Red Velvet Cupcakery and the Cocktails were sponsored by Moet & Chandon. Kudos to them for sending cases of Rose!

Here are some pics you may have seen on my Instagram from the event…
Little Sister is in the middle.

Sunday rolls around and duty as a Soror calls… I had to be at a Crossing Ceremony and so I squeezed church in on the way there. DO NOT DO THIS! but hey an iPad comes in handy – I Live Streamed Church as I drove to Baltimore, MD and didn’t miss a thing!
I picked up my sister and we put on our “uniform” – uninterrupted black. I am wearing my first strand of pearls as a woman of Delta Sigma Theta, given to me by my hubby and also a strand of pearls that belonged to my Great-Grandmother – a founder of our sorority.
My sister and I welcomed into the Sorority its newest member, a young lady who we have literally known since birth, Tiffany Mason. She and my sister are months apart and were in arms when our mothers met and I was all of 3 years old – now we are Sorors for life!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to honor people who I am thankful for in more ways then one. So the first will be, my grandfather The Late Samuel Edward Smith. I am bias to the women in my family because we are very aggressive by nature and quite independent that our men do not get love sometimes. My grandparents were divorced and remarried to other people but still before my grandfather passed in 1995, I had fond memories of him that stick with me to this day. I can thank him for my love for being near or on the water. He owned a boat and would take us out on the Bay to go crabbing. One thing I hope I can share with my future children. I am also thankful for him because when I took a look at his picture recently it didn’t make me feel so bad for being so “cheek heavy”. As much as people say I look like my mom…. I swear I look mostly like my grandfather and his mother. What you think?

And to this woman, Robin Roberts.. I am a Good Morning America fan! I wake up to it every morning and was sad that Robin was suffering. However, her strength that she has shown through getting a Bone Marrow Transplant and fighting virus’ and the like, give so many people around the world hope. I pray that she continues to get stronger and returns in due time to GMA.
And lastly, I am so thankful for the finale performance of the AMA’s.. its one of the few that I caught because I watching my Ravens beat the Steelers… but I LOVED IT! It took me back to Elementary/Middle School when MC Hammer was on everything! Including a cartoon… and he danced SO hard!
Happy Early Thanksgiving Everyone…

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