It’s the MOST Exhausting/ Wonderful Time of the Year

As most people prepare for the Christmas Season, baking cookies to later eat with their families in front of the fireplace and decking the halls with holly – putting their wreath on the door, decor outside and tree designs either up or presently being crafted – this time for my husband and I is the busiest work season of them all…
I used to work in retail every Christmas just because I love shopping and discounts – but for the first time its not a necessity. I am assisting my husband on the production staff of the Christmas Celebration at his church.
Now, you may think that this is just a basic Christmas play – but soon you will see why I say its the most exhausting/wonderful time of the year.
First let me preface this by saying, my husband and I go to two separate churches – something neither of us ever really wanted as a married couple, however, for work reasons in ministry for both of us –its something that we decided was right. I support his church as often as I can and its easier since its really close to home, but my church (although an hour away) will always be OUR home church – its where we met.
Now, isn’t my second church home quite beautiful. This picture does not do the size of this church any justice at all. There is a fountain and large sculpture just to my immediate left, but I will say that this church is so beautiful at night when it lights up!

Evangel Cathedral

Christmas Celebration Rehearsal starts in July. Yes, we have been working on this since JULY!
My husband is the Music Producer/Director for the show. His staff plays a major part in the administration and the overall production.

Panoramic shot of the sanctuary turned Arts Center

I get the opportunity to offer my assistance to the production staff –
 and play in make up from time to time.
My husband is in complete work mode – he has been looking like Super Producer Vincent Herbert (re: Tamar and Vince) these days when we go out trying to send music and answer emails and organize everything sound wise for this production. He gets a pass these days when it comes to being on the phone at dinner versus talking to me.

New friend, Angela – lead vocalist in the cast

I love Christmas Celebration though because we make new friends with people who come out to participate in the cast. People can be such good sports when they are forced to wear corsets, hoop skirts and bonnets! LOL

Mary Mary in Costume for Act I

… and always have a great time with the guest artists and definitely PLENTY OF LAUGHS to keep us through the long rehearsals. Even Erica and Tina of Mary Mary were such good sports during dress rehearsal. YIKES! I could not imagine what they thought when they saw the costume.
And each year there tends to be more and more new things that bring an element of surprise to the production – like aerialist who will be suspended on silks high above the stage.
The closer it gets to show time  – the more we get to have a little fun!
The Director of Make-up and I got to do some blocking for the Mary Mary segment and my husband thought it was quite hilarious! 

There’s always some last minute choreography changes… but these young ladies can dance! Who can pull off what they pull off dressed like that?! I’m just saying.

But all in all, we do prepare for Christmas in the way that it is a ministry and there is always a bigger message in the show. I would be going to see this play even if I weren’t working in it.

Now, because its such hard work -running around and what not, we usually have dinner at church these days. It does not help that one of the employees also works as a chef at La Quotidien Bakery – he brings the best tarts, custards and yesterday brought over two whole trash bag sized bags of bread. I could not believe it! This box DOES NOT HELP my diet in the least! Oh well, maybe I can still blame it on Thanksgiving…  

Much love and Sunshine,

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