Friday’s Letters

My Throwback Thursday Photo – I think I am about 3 or 4 years old here?

Dear Younger Me, boy Mom really liked to dress us in table settings didn’t she? I asked her was this our pilgrim look and all she could say was “what? this was cute!” I beg to differ, but thats ok.. It was cute for the 80’s. Clearly we loved it. Well young lady, life gets pretty interesting but trust me – no regrets. Dear Hubby, its the opening night of the Christmas production. You haven’t gotten sleep in weeks, your stomach is acting crazy, you are getting hives out of no where but I do know that its all because you are so worried about it being perfect tonight. It will be great! It always is. And I will be right next to you in the Sound Booth to cheer you on. When the hip hop dance starts though, I may break out into random dancing though. Just thought I’d warn you. Dear Emotions, can you get yourself together forreal? 30 is great but you are making me seem like an emotional wreck lately. Is it the lack of sleep? normalcy in the house? what is it? Get it together! we are enjoying life – so let me carry on. Dear Homeless People of D.C. and Baltimore, thanks to some generous friends of my sister and her blog, we were able to raise over 300 coats for the winter season. I truly hope that you are blessed by the givers. Dear Christmas Tree, finally we have you home. Maybe one of these days (hopefully Monday) we can begin to put you up. I am allergic to pine so please be kind to me. Even fake trees sometimes give me the heebie jeebies. Dear Hubby, little do you know once we really get settled in this house, I was serious about having multiple trees… even if they are little ones. Decorating for Christmas is the best! Dear Forever 21, Thank you for cancelling my order because you could not verify my address – new construction woes! I swear!  I couldn’t even Black Friday Shop online properly… thats fine. Saved me some coins – I only bought it cause it was a $7 dress – who would pass that up? Dear Readers and New Followers, now hit the home button and stay for a little while. Check back with me as I have something else for today up my sleeve. I love comments! It helps me follow you back.

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