Women Connect 2012: My Story

Well, one of my favorite blog writers challenged us to share who we are as bloggers to help other women find blogs that touch them. I can honestly say that I do not know where to begin. I feel like I have written about who I am – for the most part and slowly but surely revealing more and more.. for those that have come to this post from the link up – you may not know me and so … I begin here.
Who am I?
The basics: I am a newly 30 year old, newlywed (married only two years as of August 7, 2010) to a Professional Musician & Minister of Music, recently purchased and built a house this year, trying to start a family and see what life brings us. I work in law enforcement – something my family never thought I would do… and I also have a crafting and design bug from time to time since I went to School for the Arts for Visual Arts and started off in college as a Fashion Merchandise major.
 I am simply discovering my interests and who I am becoming now as a Reverend,  Mrs., Daughter, Sister, Sorority Sister, Fraternity Brother, Best-Friend, Entrepreneur and future mommy and doing so through blogging.
Why do I blog?
Because all titles and what I do aside, I am a person who has always loved journaling. I love looking back on something I wrote a year ago or some perspective I had two years ago and seeing how I have grown since. What drew me to Becky’s blog was because the title alone was what I wanted for myself – From Mrs. to Mama.
 I’ve recently shared on my blog an introduction to us trying to conceive (TTC) and how I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility throughout the process and how I am in limbo between accepting that as a diagnosis or just understanding that added pressure doesn’t help.. whatever the case is, in God’s time it will happen for us. As I try to figure that out I blog about it.
 Since it has not happened over the first two years of marriage, I figured there was something else that I should be and that I am supposed to be doing with my time… Like make Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time! If that’s not a milestone for 30 year olds, I don’t know what is! That was definitely a feat!
Thanksgiving 2012
One thing for sure that I have learned over the years and still learning is how to be someones wife – and I thought planning my elaborate wedding was tough. Along the way I have learned what I like to call “Newlywed Lessons” and share them here. It’s something about you and your spouse’s profession that shapes who you are as a family because it speaks to the type of things you will experience.
Me and John Mayer
And boy, have we had some adventures… I want to remember them all… Like this argument we had this one time stemming from us just growing as people..
oh wait.. LOL – oops that’s not our picture.
Here we are –
And although we serve in ministry, we definitely are regular every day people who struggle with some regular issues but use faith to get us through some tough times..
Like the one where I was asked to be a bridesmaid and I seriously have Busty Girl Problems that haunt me – simply because they came out of no where!

I would not however trade my life for anything and have no regrets. I am blessed. I love to read about others blessings and every day life and perhaps be inspired by the paint color they chose or the timing in starting a family, or a career path that they chose because when it resonates with me it helps me feel like I am not the only one on this crazy life roller coaster feeling like the secure lap bar is loose at times.

I started this blog last december hoping to dive into a world of DIY and decor – hoping to share more about our home and its progress but my blog quickly changed focus and simply became about my every day thoughts & experiences. Since then, I have met wonderful people, made new friends and have gained so much support. So here I am a year later – hoping that as people begin to stop by through here they see a little bit of sunshine through my sense of humor, through the crazy things that I may over hear or the funny something that happened, or the once in a lifetime opportunity that came our way, or what production we are working on next. Just as I am a work in progress, so is my blog. Why not do so with a sense of community?
Well… I could say SO much more, but no time.. simply click the home button, read if you like. Send me an email… or just comment to say hi.

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4 thoughts on “Women Connect 2012: My Story

  1. Cece says:

    Thank for following! I'm following back. John Mayer-so cool; I I've NEVER had a celebrity encounter. And I'd say Thanksgiving dinner on your own is a major accomplishment…one I'm not quite sure I will ever achieve as I tend to leave the kitchen to my husband.


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