Monday’s Musings: Christmas Celebration through Instagram

So, this weekend – The Christmas Celebration began at my husbands church. We had 5 shows this weekend of a two + hour production. Three of them were back to back. Lets just say that we are exhausted! AND we have to do the same thing for the next two weekends to come. 
The best part of Christmas Production for me is that while people are coming to enjoy it – there is so much going on behind the scenes that its really an experience like none other. 
Me and my new partner in crime, the Director of Make-Up and about 9 other make-up artists are doing make-up this year.

I LOVE the costumes that the Costume Dept of the church pull together – it really makes the production come to life. So call time is usually a good 3 hours prior to show – to set up and to get about 200+ cast members in full make up. 

Friday Night was Opening Night, also known as Noel Night – its the first full practice run for the cast and its a free show for the community. There were people EVERYWHERE! Even extra rows of seats added and people standing in the aisle way. 
Hubby, is like a one man team during this time – he produced the music, is the engineer for the show, also plays Live Keys and Organ .. full work-mode. 

Then there are fun moments during the play for me, when he has to run to the organ backstage so I get to play engineer during a brief moment in the production. 
After going to countless rehearsals, seeing it all come together is so worth all the hard work. 

Waiting in the Carriage pre-set for “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” – make up by moi
Backstage waiting for Mary Mary to escort them back to their Dressing Room
Mary Mary – “Tis the Season”

Kierra Sheard – “Indescribable” with the Aerialist

 One of my favorite parts of the Production is the Live Animals – it gets people every time they see Camels walk across the pulpit stage. I mean its amazing – Camels! and we are in the D.C. area?! crazy!

These Camels have been a part of the production for the last 22 years, so they are very people friendly.. 
So during Intermission, when I thought my husband went to go get some snacks, I see THIS pic. LOL he loves the Camels as much as I do and bumped into them in the hallway. 
After their scene, I was going to get my dinner and bumped into them on the other side – those necks are long – and no all camels don’t spit like crazy. I’ve never seen these do that although I honestly had a strong fear they would when I first met them. 
But I had to move fast cause they looked a little too interested in my food. Their handlers pulled that rope to keep his neck from peering around to be nosey.  LOL

After 5 shows within 3 days, this little can of sugar was my savior at times. I was exhausted!

Headed home at the end of the night, sitting in traffic just to do the same thing for the next two weekends… what fun! 
Hope you are having a great time preparing for Christmas…
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