12/12/12 Blah Blah Blah

I know… you may be thinking “Where has she been?”
Ok, maybe I am the only one who noticed I haven’t really posted in a week.
Thats because during December there is always so much going on and at the same time, I feel so BLAH.
Especially Today.
I guess I thought 12/12/12 would be some magical experience, but nope.
I don’t know…
Maybe my energy level needs to be boosted like Buddy~
I can say that I have been busy doing Stage Make up for the Christmas Play again this past weekend and will have next weekend to do the same. And THAT has been really fun.. its not often that I get to do make up these days for other clients..
First I will test out a look that I may want to try on the cast – the first scene being 18th Century Costumes with bright colored eyeshadows for the ladies…
I was trying out some glitter lashes for this look… I actually liked it.
the downside – a cast of 200 with a 2hr window to get them full faced and ready for production. Talk about an assembly line for days.
When you finally get through everyone and hear that opening music begin, you definitely feel like my expression here…
But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If you follow me on Instagram
Then you know that I definitely have a ball and find things to get into throughout the course of the day, like…
1. Playing with all the animals..
2. Making sure hubby doesn’t need any coffee or food during the course of the three shows – I think here he definitely needed a 5hr energy.
3. Sit in the Soundbooth as back-up Engineer and comment on all the hilarious parts of the play with friends
4. Take a break to eat and catch up with the guest artists for the shows.
5. Get Silly when we definitely are sleepy! After being there from 8:30am until 11pm.. silly things happen… like this.

Photobombing Photos that Guest Artists take with Fans
Laugh with Guest Artists, Mary Mary when they showed on Instagram their costumes for the show..
DIE of Laughter when Tye Tribbett tried on their hat…

Bebe Winans got in on the action..

And so did Marvin Sapp, who also sat and talked with us for a long while about LIFE
 We also got our Christmas Decorations together – so thats a success.
My husband went shopping with me for things to decorate the house with and I swear this was his reaction…
He was so excited to decorate for Christmas.. LOL
I crafted this Large Wreath for our Door and three smaller versions to hang on the front of our house..
And hubby lit up the whole side of the house.. this was before he completed. There is now a Candle in EVERY window and I think he said he was going to get more lights for two trees in our yard.

Certainly, can’t complain about the mild winter weather but it may also be contributing to my blah-ness especially since we stood outside with no coats on trying to get all this stuff on our house…mind you the whole time I keep freaking out because I keep hearing the animals in the woods.
I don’t know.
We did get our tree up also, but I am allergic to pine so even seeing a real tree kind of has me freaked out – even pine scented things.
Hope you are getting into the Christmas Spirit..
Maybe I need to take a Zicam and fight off this “cold” or something.

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4 thoughts on “12/12/12 Blah Blah Blah

  1. Jasmyne says:

    I have been MIA for sometime but nice to come back and see all your adventures! 12.12.12 has been pretty blah for me as well…ready for the next 😉 200 faces!!!! OMGoodness! You are something amazing and love the pictures and your home is beautiful!


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