Monday’s Musings

Thought I would start off this day by sharing with you this pic… I thought it was so hilariously cute and I wish I knew whose kids they were so if anyone wants to tell me to give them the proper credit it would be appreciated. But … its how I feel today – I am working from home most Mondays but on this particular day, I am also nursing my sick husband who I think caught the same Stomach Flu that Hillary Clinton had. Its been an awful morning for him. He has just below 102 fever. Just pray its a 24-48 hour thing. Luckily, his Christmas Celebration at his church after three weeks is finally over.
Christmas Celebration at my husbands church ended last night, after three straight weekends. A Cast of over 200 people with live animals (Camels, Horses, Llamas, Sheep) and some of the best in Gospel Music (Tye Tribbett, Mary Mary, Marvin Sapp, Bebe and Cece Winans, Wess Morgan and Kierra Sheard) we certainly had a ball!

I was everyone’s assistant – starting with administration and then designing the sweatsuits for the Hip Hop scene – but most of my time was spent as a Make Up Artist for the show. 
This was my world for three weekends straight- 

I honestly loved it! what more can I say …
So the show is over – what more can we do – Oh thats right… Play with the Costumes !

Tye decided it was the Angel Wings that he wanted to play in… 
I took on a more dramatic outfit – the one wore for Kierra to sing “Via Delarosa” 
Got the chance to get a quick pic with Mary Mary but the person taking this pic was laughing at Tye and it came out blurry – we were all giggly up there. Definitely on a sugar high from all the desserts that were offered.

Pastor Wess Morgan, who sings “I choose to Worship” also came for a few shows. 

So now that Christmas Celebration is over… what now ??
Well Easter Production Auditions start in just about three weeks. UGH
Have I gone Christmas shopping yet? Nope. Thankfully, we do not have a household of expecting children just yet because there would be no way Christmas would be children friendly this year. I was so unprepared for all the things that we had to do this month.
On top of that – I am now thinking about my goals for 2013 
Goals for my life – Goals for my Blog and how to capture all of these experiences of life for those who can relate or are just interested (ie: TTC ~unexplained infertility, home goods, weight loss, beauty/fashion, etc.)… it may change the shape of my blog, the design of my blog, the name of my blog, the focus of my blog, I am just not sure … but I guess thats what the end of the year always brings – self reflection. I am curious…. if you made it this far to the end of the post, what do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings

  1. Cece says:

    Glad you had a good run with the show. I too don't do a bunch of Christmas shopping and thank goodness. This time of year is busy enough as it is. Stay true to you and let your blog change and evolve right along.


  2. Kim @ Team Howard says:

    Wow! This looks like an amazing show! How cool to be a part of something so big! Goals for the new year are always hard for me too…partly because I usually am all gung ho at the begin, and my excitement slowly fizzles. One of my friends ays my blog is ADD and she feels like she never knows what I'm going to post next. I think I like it that way. Good luck with setting your goals for life and the blog! Looking forward to following you!


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