So My Husband JUST asked me for a Christmas List

Notice today’s date – the day before the Mayans ran out of more rock to chisel on therefore people are acting like the world will come to an end because some ancient civilization ran out of paper. Wish folk would act like that when I run out of my bright colored post-its… but I digress.
Still – the date 5 days before Christmas and I get asked for a Christmas list.
Now grant it, my hubby and I discussed our budget for each other and families for Christmas long before this date. Every other special occasion he does extremely well when he gets me something and I love every thing he has gotten me in the past, which is why I didnt understand his asking for a Christmas list this morning.
My parents asked me for one but I kind of gave them the general – whatever you get me its fine.
But I figured – perhaps I will share with you what I asked my hubby for. I always feel so awkward asking anyone to get me anything specific. I guess because I know the strain of not being able to find exactly what a person asks for and I can’t stand that disappointment.
I really do just find it tough though.. so for all the other last minute husbands out there and wives who have to come up with at least something to send them in the right direction, perhaps you can consider some of these things.
As a disclaimer: NONE of these recommendations are sponsored and all are things I just saw and wanted.
Also P.S. – I am a last minute wife – I STILL have not gone shopping and I hoping that he sends a list too.. hehe – my excuse is that I always worked in retail during Christmas up until this year and so I am used to Christmas Eve shopping.
My Last Minute Christmas List
– comprised by websites and searching for the closest store to my house and the availability. LOL.

UGGs in Sparkle Red

UGGs in Cable Knit Black

Nordstrom Gathered Tech Gloves
Nordstrom Gathered Tech Gloves

Unit-Y Stretch Cotton Leggings
Unit-Y Stretch Cotton Leggings

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Pretty Nylon - Lil Tate' Tote
Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote in Rock Lobster

CLARISONIC® 'Aria – Candy Apple' Sonic Skin Cleansing System
Clairsonic Aria in Candy Apple

Zella 'Galaxy' Fleece Hoodie
Zella Galaxy Fleece Hoody


Furla 'Candy - Glitter' Rubber Satchel
Furla Candy Glitter Satchel

Well… to be honest I put quite a few more choices on my list then this – but you can get the hint!
I am sure he will do great!
What’s on your list?

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One thought on “So My Husband JUST asked me for a Christmas List

  1. Cece says:

    Well, better late then never! I hope you get something on your wish list and get your shopping done soon. I'm done. I can't stand being in the malls this time of year.


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