Took me a WHOLE year to realize I was a no-reply comment blogger

Are you one too?
I have read several posts about being a no-reply comment blogger and how in the blog world, it makes life so much easier if you could shoot the person who took the time to comment on your blog a quick email – I was like I have added my email, so I am sure that can’t be me…
Until today, when I commented on my blog and noticed that google had grouped them in one email and for the first time I saw how my email (of me responding to a comment on my blog) looked.
Jasmine HellogmSunshine <>
Grant it – I had responded to comments before but I guess today I actually had the time to pay attention to my own emails and I was in shock!!!!
I AM one of those people that everyone kept talking about.
Its like being sub-blogged or subtweeted about the whole year and finally realizing it was you.
I am not sure when I became that way but I think it happened back when Blogger started changing all profiles over to Google+ profiles…
So now, since I can’t remember where the last time I read a how to change this feature, and I couldn’t seem to figure out how… I had to google it – to no avail. Why?! Because Google+ profiles are simply not the same as Blogger Profiles..
So here is how you fix the problem:
On your Blogger Dashboard, you will see the English US button and next to it a wheel.
Click that wheel – you will see Switch to Blogger Profile.
Do that!
You will have to re-enter your profile name – no worries its harmless and will not delete everything you set up prior.
Then click on the arrow next to your name on the Blogger Profile
You will then see, Edit Profile
Do that!
Then you will see the tiny box next to the words “show email”
Click that!
Save Profile, and you’re done!
Go back to the wheel and convert back to Google+ and you are finally finished and a part of the cool kids of Bloggers! just kidding but it helps… especially if you comment on my blog and I am not presently on my own blog. I can shoot you a quick email and connect with you so much faster!
One other pet-peeve is word verification comment boxes.. for one I can never read what they are posting and I am human – and I have been blogging without it for a year and have not had spam. Its safe to say that you won’t be clearing out your comment box by getting rid of that..
How to do that is a post for another time..
WHEW! Its like New Year’s Cleaning around here…I feel so much better~

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