These are Days… You Remember

So, Last day of the year we meet again? You aren’t going to turn me all nostalgic are you? Can I first just say that I LOVE my Christmas gift from my husband? This hoodie has been a last minute life saver since the snow wanted to wait until the very last week of the year to come. Talk about Soft and TOASTY!
Well December 31st – this year has definitely flown by. I guess we say the same about each year but for whatever reason it really feels like 2012 had just began and now we are bidding adieu. 

There was nothing that happened this year that would make me wish 2012 away with resentment or regret. If anything I would say that 2012 was a shaping year – its the year that I think I fully came out of that awkward, “I’m in my twenties, but I am really an adult” life struggle. 
I welcomed 30 years old with open arms and a smile (even if it was one that was worn regardless of actually feeling happy about it).

My 2012 Resolutions – didn’t finish them all but hey I definitely tried.

2013 is on the way – so what will be my resolutions for this coming year?
I only have one: and thats because I don’t to have a laundry list of to-do’s that may or may not happen. I’d rather God set for me a resolution list – one that leaves room to embrace his will for my life in 2013.
So, my Resolution is:
Fully embrace every new opportunity that comes my way with open arms and attempt to remain motivated wherever God takes me. Allow what is to add to my character to remain and that which takes away from me being a better person – take it away.

And now, how do I spend these last days of 2012?? 
In church of course! Yesterday the Youth led worship, so it was a more relaxed day for us – So I decided to wear a color that usually doesn’t fall on our leadership color board for the month: Burgundy.
Here is my OOTD:
Pants, NY & CO – (similar), Shirt – NY & CO (similar), Jewelry -Various,  Jacket – Boutique, Shoes – Steve Madden

Tonight, I am headed back to church – actually we have to be there around 5pm and then we have church services at 7:30pm and 10:00pm and pray into the New Year. 
Are you praying for my energy???
Then in what has become somewhat of a tradition — our closest friends come over and we do super late night fellowship – almost like an adult sleepover and share our first meal of the New Year together, which is going to be Shrimp and Grits and Chicken and Waffles.
Can’t wait to share that with you next year! 
I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!
What are your resolutions and what do you do to bring in the New Year?
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