Sunday Night Football and Christmas Leftovers

Sundays are my: Church, Eat, Nap kind of days – UNLESS its Football season! 
Then its Church, Eat, Football then Nap.. 
That’s right, I am a Football loving girl! Basketball not so much, but FOOTBALL especially when my team is playing, I am ALLLLL in!
So yes, my Sunday looked a little like this: 
First Sunday of the New Year and its Communion Sunday. 
As a minister, we are required to wear Black on First Sundays at my church.
I threw on a simple wrap dress and grabbed a blazer from the closet and kept it moving… 
It got so hot on Sunday for me that I had to take that off – keep in mind I go to a huge church and TV lights are like Sauna lamps.
Pastor did us a huge favor and decided to lift offering during the 11:30am service and do Communion before he preached. Being an Elder, my Pastor from time to time will have me lead the congregation in communion service, which he let me do this Sunday also. In addition, I also assist our Steward Board from time to time in the finance room.. 
The huge benefit – Television! 
Mind you, no worries, I went to service at 9:30am so no, I didn’t miss church to watch football… but for those who didn’t go earlier, we have another television in the board room that was tuned into service just in case. 
So , It was a HUGE game Sunday for Baltimore. 
It was Ray Lewis’ last Home Game.

Our T.V. in the Finance Room at Church
 So after church was over, I headed to my moms house to pack up a whole bunch of old stuff that I wanted to give away and give to Goodwill.
But that Nap feeling was hitting me hard despite the fact that a good game was on. 

almost asleep here
 …and THEN we SCORED! Yes, we were up now ahead of the Colts.
And although the Colts isn’t one of our huge rivalries, there is always some animosity when we play the Indianapolis Colts because they used to be the Baltimore Colts before the owner packed the team up in the middle of the night (before I was born though – but the animosity behind it lives on). We HAD to beat the Colts Sunday.
There will never be another #52
There will never be another player that will have as much impact as Ray Lewis.
We love 52!

and now… Christmas Leftovers – 
I swear – he’s the Best Dad ever for this one! Hilarious!!
Dressed as an Elf on a Shelf – if I was his child, I would definitely be scared into good behavior during Christmas if I saw this.

Hope you had a wonderful Weekend


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5 thoughts on “Sunday Night Football and Christmas Leftovers

  1. Carissa says:

    I agree it does sound like a perfect Sunday! I love the fact that you are young and a minister! I would love to hear more about that, I currently work in church and have been since I was little…however, I was just talking to my parents about doing more in the ministry!! Love it!!!


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