The Time where I thought I could work from home

So yeah, it was forecasted last night that we would see about 5 inches of snow today…
As a result the Federal Government decided it would allow employees to take unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. Well, I chose unscheduled telework – because who doesn’t love working from home..
I started off my morning with coffee in my favorite cup, hair still tied up and working from my laptop with not a care in the world as I had my agency cell in hand, laptop in front of me and my favorite ABC shows playing on television. (yes, I am the type of person that functions better with lots of distracting noise). 
So imagine my despair at times sitting in my silent office- I am lucky if I make it to lunch without losing steam.
Well, then I get a call from work and an email at the same time that said “Emergency workers must come in”… and yes, I am an emergency worker – I really don’t understand how, but so be it… 
So now, I must crawl out the comfy position I am in and head into the quiet office. 
So, I leave you today with what I was planning to watch all day on marathon.. 
Have a great thursday.

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