OOTD: Everyday Collection

I love to dress up and put on make up and weaves as much as the next person, but usually on a day to day basis my motto is “The more comfort, the better”.
But, as much as I love to share with you my latest take on a smokey eye
or the latest in cocktail dresses that I have acquired..
I thought, now would also be a good time to show you what type of outfits I normally wear to work.
I like to say that my fashion sense is based on my personality.
It has evolved into something I like to call, expect the unexpected.
I mix patterns and colors like no other- and it comes from a “not matching IS matching” philosophy that I have these days. I used to be that girl that had to wear the brown belt because my handbag was brown.
Thank God for deliverance!
I am a risk taker when it comes to my threads, but in no way am I a fashion blogger or a fashionista. I can’t keep up or afford any trends.
Not even a Maxxinista – shopping there makes my head hurt.
Just like Target is pushing this “Everyday Collection” campaign…
It’s the same as I see myself and my outfits.. its Every day things that I swear any other normal person would wear. One thing you won’t see on my blog is “haul” posts. I think when I graduated from college, shopping sprees stopped because responsibilities started. Now that I am approaching my tenth year college reunion, anything I buy these days I have reasoned in my head about a million times before purchasing – no more impulse buys (except on occasion) and if the line at the register is too long for my patience then I will not be getting what I want on that particular day- it just wasn’t meant to be.
And thus – my Everyday Collection.
Yup I wore this to work… Today is like 2 degrees outside
This is Business Casual right?!
Nothing says comfort than an orange oversized “boyfriend” sweater (Old Navy), a Navy and White polka dotted faux wrap dress (H&M) over top of dark denim skinny jeggings (Target) and Gray crocheted Boots (UGGs).
Thank goodness for office doors that close and desks that cover you from the waste down.
I rarely wear make up in the office and of course there are certain rules to wardrobe for our Agency (some of which I broke today for the sheer fact that its literally two degrees outside). But never fear, your girl always has a spare of black pumps and stockings in the office drawer for those official emergencies like running to court or meeting with the bosses. But I do not get dolled up in my defense because of the demographic that I work with- not to say that all officers take this approach, but I really just can not handle dealing with compliments or cat calls from the offenders whom I supervise. Maybe later on in my career- not this soon though.

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3 thoughts on “OOTD: Everyday Collection

  1. Faith says:

    Def looks like business causal to me considering that I can wear a hoodie to work ;).

    Love the color of your sweater!

    Hope you keep up with these posts. I have this thing with seeing what my blog friends wear.


  2. TJ says:

    I absolutely love your blog.

    This line: “I used to be that girl that had to wear the brown belt because my handbag was brown. Thank God for deliverance!” made me laugh out loud. I've been there, too, and He brought me out!


  3. Cece says:

    I rarely wear much make up to work either. Lip gloss, maybe some blush. I LOVE uggs!! I have been to afraid to wear them to work though we don't even really have a dress code so I'm sure I could!!


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