Friday’s – The one we can depend on

This week –
Anyone tired of Manti Te’o going around and around in circles trying to explain this girlfriend who didn’t exist. Although this guy admitted to being behind it, after listening to the voicemails I am convinced that guy is really covering up for his crazy cousin.
So moving on…
Another thing I am tired of hearing about –
BEYONCE lipsynching the Star Spangled Banner!
WHO CARES?! I have heard so much about it that I forgot what the President said in his speech and I was there! I mean that was the reason I sat outside freezing! Not to hear Beyonce sing! GE’EZ.
Lets be forreal here… the most played Star Spangled Banner is Whitney Houston’s version and she lipsynched that performance and did so so convincing that she was even sweating in normal fashion at the end of it.
In a few years, folk will be playing Bey’s version too.
And no it doesn’t change what may happen to her Super Bowl performance.
After being in a few Orange Bowl halftime shows myself, I can definitely tell you it will be prerecorded. Every Enrique Eglasias song we had to dance to on that stage was prerecorded. Did it change my view of him? Nope. cause I was dancing my little heart out and it still took a lot of work to put on a good show. 
Lets just be smart here. Television can not pick up a live performance in an arena that large without making the person sound horrid.
At least she put on a good performance for those on stage – so what if her mic wasn’t on.
Now, if you know me in real life you will know that I have always been a chocolate lover. However, I have what I like to refer to as “white boy crushes”… and man, here is one!
I am so freakin’ happy that J.T. is coming back and is looking so good doing it. Mind you, I love him all the more because every time he is on SNL he is hilarious!
This one hits close to home because we are friends with persons who will be in his tour band. I am hoping and wishing and praying that I get the chance to see him in concert at least one time.. Until then, this will have to do.

My girl, Robin Roberts is making her come back and she looks good!
She is kicking Cancer and MDS int he rear! Cheers to you Robin. I love how her perserverance is for all to see. I will definitely be cheering through my television when she makes her return to my favorite morning show.
my letters
Dear Winter, I am glad that you waited until Inauguration was over to really turn up the dial. I hope that you stay with us on the East Coast is brief.
Dear Krystle, I am so proud of you for carrying out your vision of creating a network for Preacher’s daughters. So glad that I had the chance to come out and support.

SN: Here is what I wore to the Launch Party.
I am not a girly girl all the time, but I feel like whenever you are going to an event that who’s target audience is females, be as girly as you can be so that you don’t show up wishing you came looking like the other person. Put a slight effort in your comfort wear but not so much that you look like over dressed suzy. If you top is jazzy, balance it out with some leather soldier boots – I wore mines with fur to dress it down and yet keep it stylish and WARM- its cold on the East Coast.

Dear every other Fan of a team that is not in the Super Bowl, Stop hating. Specifically my coworkers who talk so much trash against the Ravens and they have never once watched the Ravens play. Its fine, The Ravens are used to being the underdog and we (yup I feel like I play with them) are used to winning in spite of.
Dear Hubby, lets continue to make it better. I love ya babe!
Dear New Readers, thanks for the follows these past weeks. I have really been excited to correspond with some new people. I try my best to respond via email so make sure you are not a no-response commentor.
And what do you do at the end of the night before wiping it all off and peeling off your lashes… make funny faces in the mirror.

Have a great RavensNation Purple Friday!


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4 thoughts on “Friday’s – The one we can depend on

  1. Cece says:

    We all know Beyonce can sing and dance her butt off while doing it so if she lip synced or not-BIG DEAL. That is so awesome that you got to be there. This fake Manti girlfriend thing is just bizarre!! Have a great weekend.


  2. Faith says:

    Yes! I am so over everyone talking about Beyonce … I mean, seriously. That's all that was taking from the inauguration?

    And yes, I'm so confused with the whole Manti craziness. I don't understand. I don't even know if I want to understand.

    I'm so excited about JT too!

    Haha, about your white boy crushes and your chocolate loving comments, too funny!


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