Sunday Fun-day OOTD photo shoot

Well… what did I do this weekend?? 
Laid in my bed all Saturday for the first time this year!
I didn’t have a major event to go to or get ready for. No conference to go to. 
I got to REST!
Which meant, come Sunday – it was hard to get back into the swing of things. 
So – all I have to show for the weekend is what I did at church. Go Figure.
This is my OOTD – Sunday Edition:
The long hair is getting hard to maintain, so the night before I just put twists in the hair and took it out in the morning which was great for this loose curl look. 
I have gotten in the swing of wearing false lashes whenever I do my face since I wore so many at Founder’s Day and Inauguration. Starting to love it. 
(and NO do not sleep in your temporary false strip lashes. Please reapply every morning because you will have eye issues with all that on your eye at night.)
What do you do when you want to get a picture of your outfit?
Enlist whoever is standing near you.. 
At church, I am surrounded by kids! 
So I enlisted my favorite almost three year old to take a picture of my on my iPhone. 
She tried. 

So then my favorite five year old had to try it. 
She took a pretty good pic of me and the almost three year old, don’t you think?
And the almost three year old is so me – I swear my little church niece has been so influenced by me. I was always one of the few whom she would let hold her when she was born without crying and now her baby brother, my buddy Blake from this post is also my new boo…

Because sharing and caring – the almost three year old wanted to try it again. 
I always make sure to at least teach the kids something. 
So yesterday it was how to take pictures on an iPhone. 
My face in this picture is me laughing at her because at this point she had taken about 10 pictures because she just stood there and hit the button over and over again.

So then, I had to get pics of the both of them. 
I said “Let me take your picture” and
this is the most still they were with their poses. 
So grown. LOL. 

Up close of the details in the jacket. 

AND then, I can’t say this enough… this week is Purple and Black week. 
Baltimore is having a Pre-Super Bowl Parade today. 
Rain or Shine, my hometown is definitely celebrating all week!
And in case you thought I wasn’t going to get in on the action…
Think again. 
It’s only a few teams that have Super Bowl Edition hats. 
My team happens to be one of them this year!

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