I Have to Deal With This

Having an office is great.
I can close my door.
I don’t have to overhear anything like I would in a cubicle setting…
or whisper when I am on the phone.
I can listen to music if I want.
Work with the lights out if I choose to.
I am even located right across from the bathroom so that I don’t have to get up and walk to far on my lazy days.
But, when my door is open…
I have to deal with this.
Yes, that would be the toilet overflowing.
Nope, not my coworkers fault although she was the one to flush last.
It’s a horrible toilet that runs non-stop.
They turned the water off and it still kept coming.
Yup. This is what I deal with when my door is open.

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7 thoughts on “I Have to Deal With This

  1. Shaina A. says:

    Also, I think my world just got a little smaller. I just scrolled down and saw the mention of C-thru Lens Photography. He did my engagements photos!! I'm starting to feel like I should know you in real life lol


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