34 after 34: Super Bowl Weekend

As you already know, last night history was written and my home team whom I have been rooting for since they came to Baltimore in 1996 won Super Bowl 47. 
I can barely recap because I am so exhausted from the emotions that were running through my body for this game, but recap I shall because THIS is definitely something to add to the great experiences of the year. 
Baltimore Ravens fans, like myself, have been having to defend our team all season long. Its always some unsolicited fan of another team trying to tell me how their team is better. Or the analysts on television never giving props where they are due. I now live in the DMV (its what this metro area refers to in short as the D.C., M.D. and V.A. area since they touch around here) area, and the majority of the DMV area are Washington Redskins fans. I was born and raised in Baltimore and therefore a diehard fan of my home teams. When the Washington Redskins played the Baltimore Ravens earlier this year, I was surrounded by so much trash talking since the Ravens lost that game. However, we injured their quarterback – his first injury of the season.. the one that led him to have surgery after the season. I told them then “We may have lost the Battle, but we WILL win the war”… 
And Now, we have welcomed the Redskins fans to the Ravens bandwagon as we brought home another Super Bowl Ring.
It doesn’t matter who you lose to throughout the regular season. What only matters is the fact that you have a Super Bowl banner hanging in your stadium.
So THIS is how I enjoyed the weekend.
It all started with the “send-off”
Baltimore gathered downtown in the Inner Harbor to see the team off to New Orleans before the Super Bowl. Not sure, but I am pretty sure that doesn’t happen in every city. 
It got us hype for the big game!

Friday at work, Its casual so we usually during football season express our love for our teams. 
Sadly my co-worker was in denial. In case you don’t know the Steelers are our biggest rivals.
So we had to welcome him onto our bandwagon since his team was sitting at home watching the game like the rest of us.

Then we made room for other bandwagon folks like my sisters BFF. 
You know you are on the bandwagon if you see texts like this:
My sister is a fair-weather fan too, but at least she knows what a Raven looks like.
The Love for the Ravens was all around the office.. 
But before we could fully commence the Super Bowl Weekend festivities – life of a musicians wife duties had to be attended to.
My husbands guitarist released a CD on Friday Night. 
Hubby played main keys in the CD Release Concert. 
Plus, we love Kenny!

Great alternative artist…Kenny Kohlhaas

So to head out that night, the hair got curled and the face got beat into submission (term for putting on make up in case I forgot to explain that) – I have on my new favorite reds – 100 proof which was custom made for our event in January by the Lip Bar.
So, the band was killing! It could be that I am bias because all these great musicians are like my brothers, but they sounded great!

And this is a peak into the musicians wife life : concert over – we had arrived early of course for them to load in and have sound check. Now, we wait – for them to greet everyone and unload before we can leave. So me and my other wife friend decided to get really tucked in comfy.
In our defense it was way past our bedtimes.. and in her defense she is expecting so naps are needed.

THEN they decided to really get talkative and the pace of the break down was dwindling… so as you see we put our foot up and fought sleep until they were ready. 

What happened Saturday is a WHOLE post within itself. Perhaps I will share it tomm. 
Sunday was all about Ravens Pride!
At church we wore our Purple and Black to show support for our team. 
I decided to do my make up with a Purple, Gold and Black on the eyes and the lips have a yellow lipgloss by Bovanti Cosmetics. 
Later this week, I am planning to recreate this look and hope to finally have my first tutorial. 

Church was crazy! We literally had a pep-rally at the end of service and got everyone so excited for the Ravens as they were leaving out to head home to watch the game! 
We got everyone hype chanting our get hype song that the fans made known at the first home game of the season. 
One of my friends had purchased all the decor for the celebration at church and she let me keep a few things 🙂

This is how everything got laid out in the Media Room: in addition to Ravens Plates, Ravens Napkins and the like. 
And then the game started. 
My Ravens were looking amazing!!!
I was so excited because it was definitely looking like we were on the verge of a blow out. 
Beyonce performed and I was excited to see Destiny’s Child. 
And she killed it! Werk BEY!
via Google Images
And then the first 34 happened – 
not a new wonderful crime mystery show, but the longest 34 mins of my life!
The power outage heard around the world. 
It sucked every bit of momentum out of the Ravens especially after Jacoby Jones just returned the ball 109 yards for a touchdown…
Then. LIGHTS. Out.
So what do you when you don’t know if the game is ever going to get started again?
The teams stretched and tried to stay warm. 
We.. danced. We… ate. We… tried to keep our team spirit up!
Tide suggested that we wash clothes.
This was SO perfect – because this would be so me IF my husband was not a Ravens fan himself.

So — finally the lights came back on.
San Francisco scored once.
San Francisco scored twice. 
We went into full on tarrying service because it was not looking good. 
So tarried. 

We had too much time left on the board. 
So we tarried some more.
“Prayers of the righteous availeth much”
We gave the other team 5 more points – 
And they had the last play of the game with 4 seconds left on the clock.
And. Then. We. WON!
And then we CELEBRATED!

We celebrated!!!! 

This is my “My Team just Won” face!

Even “The Greatest of All Time” Muhammed Ali got hype about the Ravens win!

AND my hometown went HAM!

If you are going to retire Ray, this is definitely the way that you go out!
So happy for my Bruh! OOP-ROO!
Job well done, Mr. Lewis

and just so I can say my two cents – for those in the media that keep letting that “he’s a murderer” slip out your mouth, you sound really ignorant. The man was falsely accused. Every black man that is on trial for murder isn’t always guilty. He was told to his face by the prosecutor, “we know you didn’t do this, but you are going to go down for it anyway”. Please don’t believe everything you always see hyped up in the media. 
And while we are talking about, hyped media stories, Ray’s emotion is real. I have seen him at our church and have been close to him enough to know that his relationship with God is real. 
How would you as a believer feel if God continued to open every door and bless you despite everyone else counts you out – you better glorify God anyway and anywhere.
And THEN he celebrated.
The Aftermath: Balloons somehow on the opposite end of the room. 
Banners still hung. 
Friends made it home after a late night. 

And we are still recovering from an awesome Super Bowl
which ended with a final score of 34-31. 
Baltimore ended with 34 points after 34 mins of having to sit in the dark.
Not once were we behind. 
We earned every inch of our ring!
So Proud of you Ravens!

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7 thoughts on “34 after 34: Super Bowl Weekend

  1. B. Jenkins says:

    Awww! It looked like you all had a wonderful time from start to finish! When and if my hometeam EVER makes it to the Super Bowl (Carolina Panthers) I will be HAM JUST. LIKE. THAT!


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