OOTD – Drained! The longest Saturday

So… Today is my first day back at work since the Super Bowl Win.
Yes. I would rather be at the celebration in downtown Baltimore right now, thanks for asking.
It’s all good though –
I was determined, being the biggest fan as you know, to wear my Super Bowl Champion gear and NO it can not wait until casual Friday.
So, what is a girl to do? Try her best to make this outfit business casual..
Here was meager attempts at trying to do that today.
My sweater can wrap across me if ever I need it..
Now… like I mentioned in this post, Saturday was a whole other post.
And here is why.
This is real life venting so if you do not want to read, click another post right about now.
But if you will indulge me for just a second…
Saturday began as any other saturday.
However, we live in the woods and when you live in the woods and it gets cold, those things that live in the woods decide that they want to take residence with you.
Not in this city girl’s home.
No way!
I get freaked out by the littlest of creatures.
So my husband knowing that has done an excellent job at shielding me from the icky (killing garden snakes without telling me, etc.) Until… Saturday.
He didn’t hop out the bed while on the phone calling in the big guns to alert them that we have another woodland creature trying to live with us.
I. Freaked. Out.
I literally got dressed, got my coat and boots on and went to Target just to walk around while they set traps. I had horrible anxiety about the whole thing and feel like I am probably not resting like I should be.
I’m not scared of murderers and drug dealers but I am scared of stink bugs- sue me. lol.
SO, I called my husband to ask, was the creature caught, were the traps for future ones set and is it ok for me to come home… we were all good.
Mind you at this point now, I am drained and in need of a nap.
So, then husband asks can I get him from the tire shop because his truck has a flat and he wants to get all the tires replaced.
Fine. No problem… until…
Curse you Capitol One Bank…
My husband goes to swipe his card and they say we can only spend (and I quote) “$1310.00” out of our joint checking account per day.
and How are you going to tell us how to spend our money?!
See. here’s the thing. It was Saturday before Super Bowl.
I went shopping for Super Bowl at my favorite Super Store – stuff happens.
But, needless to say we will NOT be banking with Capitol One much longer.
My husband and I do not use credit cards any longer.
We stopped when we paid off debt to buy our home.
We make large purchases and do so out of our Bank Account and that number is ridiculous.
You don’t need to know what’s in the account to sense that I am pissed about this..
So… I am again drained and in need of a nap.
Then I realized later that afternoon that we had agreed to go to a birthday dinner for a friend in Baltimore.
It was at a restaurant neither one of us had ever heard of, so I did what I thought most people do – I looked it up on Yelp.
I simply wanted to see the decor so that I could know what I wanted to wear later.
What I was not expecting was to be bombarded with horrible reviews of the restaurant.
So I text the coordinators of the party and asked, “Who has eaten here before?”
They said, “No one. They had a good sounding menu for Restaurant Week.”
Me: “So nobody thought to look up the reviews on Yelp? Trip Advisor? Facebook?
(all places that said repeatedly “worst service ever. horrible. run far far away from here.”
Basically the coordinator of the party did none of that and felt like it was too late for the amount of people that were to come. I didn’t want to not show up and look like debbie downer. Plus it was our friend’s birthday and I feel like we should still celebrate.
But I DID NOT want to go. Drained!
The things we deal with for the sake of friends.
It took me a good two hours to resolve it within myself that I was going to take one for the team and just show my support. But the whole time I was praying that we could figure out something else we could do for her birthday…
In the meantime, we prepared our house for out of town guests that were coming over to watch the Super Bowl with us and discovered that we had been paying for cable in our guest room that hasn’t worked for several months. Needless to say that tech call took an hour and its still not resolved.
Drained… and in need of a nap.
And then.. a random act of God occurred and we were given reprieve.
An icy rain hit Baltimore out of no where.
As persons were travelling to the restaurant, they were sliding and one got into a car accident.
The call was made to avoid downtown Baltimore at all costs.
We hadn’t yet left our home about an hour away, so when we got the voicemail that the dinner was moved to a nice restaurant that I had eaten at before in the county- I thanked God! but due to the weather, we still didn’t make it.
And that was Saturday.
I was dressed with no where to go.
We ordered Chinese food and I caught up on Private Practice’s last episodes.
(can I just say that I am so sad that the show is over. very well written ending too)
Thanks for indulging me.
Had to just get that off my chest!
I feel much better now.

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5 thoughts on “OOTD – Drained! The longest Saturday

  1. Faith says:

    oh boy. that's a lot :/
    i'm the same way with stink bugs.

    i review every place i go to. it drives Sean mad, haha.

    glad you aren't banking with that bank anymore. it makes no sense for them to tell you how much of your own money you can spend! ridiculous.

    glad you got that off your chest ;).

    p.s. you look amazing in yellow. loving your hair style!


  2. Cece says:

    omg! What a saga. What a day! I'm terrified of creepy crawlies. Terrified. I'd be totally rattled over something like that too. I know there are ATM cash withdrawl limits but I never heard of spending limits out of your checking out. The horrible restaurant and then the switch and cancelled dinner. Crazy. At least Sunday was great!


  3. Serena Saga says:

    The banking spending limit thing has happened to my husband and I before. It is for your protection, but also annoying when you need to spend a lot of money. It keeps anyone from being able to go out and spend ALL of your money if they somehow get a hold of your card. We just had the bank bump up the daily spending number to something a little more reasonable. Our bank told us if we needed to go over that number, just call them first and they will authorize the transaction to go through.


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