It’s still Purple Friday in my house!

One week later and there are still remnants of the Super Bowl lingering in the air!
Literally in my house.
It was definitely an exciting time for my hometown. People were everywhere. Over 200,000 people came out to cheer on the Baltimore Ravens as they returned to the M&T Bank Stadium to celebrate one last time.
This was the best reaction to the Celebration Parade for The Ravens by none other then Jacoby Jones, who was recently let go by The Texans only to come to The Ravens and now has a Super Bowl touchdown and ring.
I wish I couldve been there but duty called. But I definitely let my coworkers have it!

And now…
Show of the Week:
If you are not into Scandal, I have no idea what you watch on Thursday nights!
When I tell you last nights episode definitely led up to the hype.
I don’t know what shocked me more: (spoiler alert)
1. The fact that Abby Came through and took one for the team.
2. The fact that Rosen got embarassed twice in open court and lost his job twice!
3. The fact that Cyrus almost had James killed then saved his life.
4. The fact that James saved Cyrus’ life.
5. The fact that Verna told Fitz that she tried to kill him.
6. The fact that Fitz killed Verna?!
7. Lets go back to when Huck saves Hollis, then treatens to kill him too!
I mean really?! ?!?!
That show has my heart doing the most and my blood pressure is always super high when I am done watching. It is so good though!
And TELL of the Week:
This guy being the next love interest on Scandal. Well alrighty then!
And now my letters:
Dear Hubby, the overcompensation that you do when I am in my moody season of the month is awesomesauce! to take me to work today and later to take me to the car show so we can dream about what car we will own next, just the break I need. You had me scared there for a minute with the shock to the system about you working on Valentine’s Day.
Dear Ravens, thanks for the follow-through.
Dear Orioles, you are next! Although I don’t know if my hometown would be able to survive the celebration!
Dear Sister, again you amaze me with how far you have come with your nightlife blog. The Fab Awards this weekend. Haven’t missed them yet! so you got me as your ride along partna! Salon day with my little sister tomm. What could be better?
Dear 2013, I had some high expectations for the doors that you plan to open for me this year. Lets make magic happen! So far so good.. and the pace of it – its making me feel like I am back in undergrad..
Speaking of which, has it been 10 years already?! yikes!
Dear career, I think I just about have you figured out. I definitely need more hours in day to write the vision and make it plain.
And lastly but not least… Dear Readers, I have to share this with you because I don’t usually get emotional and thought that when someone warned me about crying when I watch this, I didn’t think it was even possible. Well, grab the tissues. 
Be blessed! 

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6 thoughts on “It’s still Purple Friday in my house!

  1. ChoklatTea says:

    Wow, what a blessing…God can and He will!!! My My My, thank you for sharing this video. Loving all the Ravens decor still going strong. So last night's episode… I am a loyal fan of the show and what a power packed hour Shonda Rhimes gave us last night. For the record, I do NOT like Mellie. I understand she if the wife but her hidden agenda is so tainted. All is well for her if it does not interrupt what she wants but if it does, then she goes into blackmail mode. For me, she gets no pass to wreck havoc because she knew about the affair long ago and permitted to go on as long as her President Hubby was happy. She was in on the vote rigging, matter of fact it was she & Hollis who were the ring-leaders. So why should she get a pass on everything? I do not like that. I believe Fitz is keeping his “enemy” closer and has a plan for her. But it's just my opinion. Have a great weekend, Lady!!!


  2. Martina says:

    I don't blame you for having your Ravens gear still hanging around because if the Falcons won the Superbowl our house would be looking the same way! Lol…

    Scandal is “THE” show… Ok? lol… That darn Shonda Rhimes had my head hurting… It was way tooooo much going on last night. Oh and know that the President killing the Senator is just the beginning. He has a whole lot of stuff up his sleeve and its about to get REAL!!!!


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