Life in the Fab Lane

So,  last I checked in .. 
THIS is how I felt.
I think everything that I did this weekend caught up with me in the worst way – 
and I almost feel I may need a Tuesday off to just get some sleep. 
I think perhaps its time to get my iron levels checked because I am much too young to be this wiped out but thats neither here nor there.
I really wanted to share my “Life in the Fab Lane” and the antics of my weekend with you. 

 Friday – Date Night with the Hubby

My awesome-sauce hubby decided he wanted to take me work on Friday and then when he picked me up he told me he got us tickets to the D.C. Auto Show. 
I LOVE cars. 
I truly wish that I could be more adventurous with my cars versus being so practical because per usual I am drawn to all hybrids and cars that will save me money. 
As a reminder this is what I drive.
So a girl can dream right?
This matte finish Audi would be sitting in my driveway. 
Too bad my taste in cars don’t match my realistic lifestyle – 
however in my reality show celebrity imaginary lifestyle, this would be a perfect car for the Papp’s to chase me in eh?
(trust me thats definitely NOT what I want for my life – just saying – its a joke).
But then there’s this little beauty – 
AND its a hybrid!

This little sexy thing is about $100-$190,000 and gets almost 100 miles to the gallon. The Almighty Fiskar! you know the kinda car that Justin Beiber drives, yeah. that. 
My husband definitely burst my bubble and took me back down to my level.. 
this is a concept car for a new Toyota hybrid, which looks a lot like their latest Prius.

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglass was there with her mom sitting over in the corner watching her daughter do her thing.
Afterwards me and hubs went to Matchbox for dinner – 
Now, this is a pic I took of our dinner as we were leaving and usually I would like give a full review but here’s why I didn’t: 
This guy got seated next to us and it was pretty close (because it was bench seats on one side and stools on the opposite side) and the waitress asks “So are you waiting for your other party?”
He said in the saddest way “Well, my other party cancelled on me…”
She made it no better so she says loudly “SO DINNER FOR ONE!?”
I think he may have snapped back “yes, dinner for one.”
Then the sad little man sat there and took pictures of his food in a super crowded dim lit restaurant during Restaurant Week WITH THE FLASH ON. Bringing even more attention to himself- just sitting there. looking sad. just snapping away blinding us all with his flash.
I just felt bad that he got stood up and was seated there so alone that I didn’t want to rub it in. 
But, actually when I tried to capture this pic – my flash was on by accident. I was so embarrassed, I yelled “oh no! I didn’t know MY flash was on!”. oops. 
oh well. 
Hope he had a wonderful solo date.

Saturday was SISTAH DAY

Me and Sistah spent the day together.
It’s rare because my sister lives in New York, so I only see her when she gets the chance to come down to where I am and the few times that I may get to NYC.
We got the hair did and we got the nails done …
she stayed over the house – has her room all picked out. 
But sistah was in town because she is also a nightlife and entertainment blogger for D.C.
and this particular weekend her Blog was honoring some of the best in the business in D.C.
Its called “The Fab Awards” named after her blog The Fab Empire.
This year instead of a centrally located party location to celebrate The Fab Awards, she decided to go to where the people were to hand deliver the awards. Friday night she went to three places and delivered their awards and Saturday Night we had four more awards to give out.
I had to find something to wear last minute… 
Can I just say, the cheapest outfits usually get the best compliments.
I don’t get to do this often but my sistah needed me so anything for her!
So the make up look for the night was ultra smokey eye with white liner on bottom and elongated thick strip lashes with nude lip – I am really trying to perfect my technique before I share (I’m sorry, its the Virgo in me) but I have to carve out some time to do some videos/photo tutorials.
So here is my (OOTD) night – 
Shirt: Target (currently in store) Liquid Leggings: H&M (old) Shoes: Bakers Necklace: Custom Delta Sigma Theta Necklace Bracelet: David Yurman Makeup: ME of course. 🙂

Similar to the ones that I had on

So we hit the streets of D.C. me and my sistah, the lovely DCFab. 
What I find so funny is that people didn’t really know how to take us because we were being followed by our videographer and photographer. People thought we were filming a reality show and thats fine 😉
But I think people were just taken a back because we are two strikingly tall women (in heels, I’m almost 6’0 and sistah is about 6’2) who definitely made an entrance with our entourage when we entered the venue –
I’m Khloe and Sistah is Kim. LOL.

First stop, Cafe Asia to award the lovely Sunni and the City of WPGC for DC’s “Socialite of the Year”
Then we scooted over to Bar 7 to award DJ Quicksilva with “Party of the Year” for his Birthday Party that he hosted at D.C.’s Howard Theater.
and yes, you already know me.. if there is a mic, I will be on it. I can’t help it! 
However, my sistah wanted me to present the awards to the awardees so why not do it on a mic.. 

DJ Quicksilva was just so nice and so excited to be awarded 4 years in a row. D.C. loves him!

So soon we had to head to the next spot…
While we waited – why not a selfie? sure. 

This is me saying “Make some NOIIIISSSSSEEEEE” 
No, I am not singing an Opera song. LOL
But here we were at Recess Lounge to honor DJ Alizay, whom I have known forever – since my days at Howard University, with “DJ of the Year” and the “Philanthropist of the Year” to Tony Lewis, Jr. for the work he does as a young adult and giving back to the city of D.C.

I truly had a great time with my sistah!

Such a LONGGGGG night, but it was fun!

Don’t let your Saturday get in the way of your Sunday!

Went to church with my sister before I had to take her to her bus back to NYC.

It was red dress Sunday. My favorite Sunday! 
Red Dress Sunday is an innovative faith-based health education and outreach program designed to raise awareness of the devastating effects of heart disease among women.
However, as a Delta, I love any excuse to wear Red; it’s a wonderful occasion.
I got to hang with one of my favorite three year olds…

and her little brother..

and got a little dose of Prabal Gurung for Target that launched on Sunday!

One of my favorite pieces is the skirt pictured on the left below. 

and of course this red dress below- 
however, I am not a “juniors” sized anything so this line was not made for me in the least. 
It also appears that the dress does not have darts. 
I can imagine that the fit would cause some issues for bustier women like me. 
The shape however is really cute and the material is so much thicker in person and prettier then I thought it would be when I saw it on the commercial…

AND thats why I was tired… 
How was your weekend?
The Grammy’s is a post within itself.. but I will mention that we did go to a watch party as well and were so excited because a few of our friends played in Justin Timberlake’s and Rihanna’s band so that is a part of a wonderful weekend that I had as well. 
(more on that later)
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